Heavy presents DJ FU [Freerange/UK]

DJ FU @ HEAVY HK – D&B History Set (1998 – 2002) feat. MC R VEE (2 HOURS) **HEAVY SOUNDSYSTEM FOR EXTRA BASS WEIGHT** Having been absent from Hong Kong for the last… Continue reading

Heavy presents TIPPA IRIE [HK Stop]

Heavy Hongkong Soundsystem 8th Anniversary Tour with TIPPA IRIE and selector JB BAKER 1st Stop! Hong Kong! Line Up: Stef:funn, Hidden Dragon, Groove Thief, Hope One, Singjay Mouse, Blood Dunza Music : Reggae… Continue reading

HEAVY 8th Anniversary w/ Tippa Irie + JB Baker

Heavy HK Soundsystem Eight Birthday Celebratory China Tour with TIPPA IRIE & Selector J.B. BAKER Growing from little gatherings at hole-in-the-wall venues to multi-stage festivals and many more fantastic memories, Heavy HK’s flag is… Continue reading

Heavy HK Speaks to JUBEI [Metalheadz]

Heavy has a quick chat before he arrives for Hong Kong in his massive tour, including Singapore, Australia, Japan and Norwich in between! On tour for almost 5 weeks by himself, we’ve got… Continue reading

Ecstatic Bass Macau (樂極生Bass) presents DJ WASH + BLOODDUNZA

7 FEBRUARY 2014 / Saturday Ecstatic Bass is gonna bring you a Junglists’ night with the two largest DNB lions from Hong Kong! 樂極生Bass搵黎香港 / 亞洲 DRUM N BASS最惡最好揪的DJ / 製作人 DJ WASH同BLOODDUNZA+埋澳門Junglist大師DJ ZUJU同你玩轉大年初八!!!… Continue reading


      F R I D A Y: F E B: 1 4 T H: 2 0 1 4 Frequency同HEAVY HK首次聯手為大家帶來英國著名DnB廠牌Metalheadz近期的猛將 – Jubei(U.K) Prepare yourselves for a night of rolling Drum &… Continue reading

BIG UP! Love Da Records / Tommy Chan

Here’s the main man, Tommy Chan of Love Da Records, as featured on South China Morning Post. Thank you, Love Da Cafe, for letting us be around for many wonderful nights like Joe… Continue reading

We Go Forward 新年低音派对

If you’re looking for things beyond +852 region, here’s where things are to kick off 2014 with some banging bass! Our delightful friends in Chengdu China, have something special in store. Back home… Continue reading

Hidden Dragon X Heavy: Cian Finn meets Jian Liang Sound

HIDDEN DRAGON & HEAVY HK PRESENT A HONG KONG REGGAE SPECIAL • CIAN FINN – international reggae singer & MC • 䉃亮的聲音系统 JIANG LIANG SOUND – 4 piece LIVE DUB BAND ft. China’s… Continue reading


▲ 4TH JANUARY 2014 ▲ ⦁ XXX GALLERY Sai Wan ⦁ Jiang Liang brings a skankin’ bass player, chinese windpipe master and ethnic vocalist to bring a fully explosive night of original chinese dub, debuting inna… Continue reading


Catch up on some local reading while putting up your achy legs from a smashing night with Prince Fatty and Horseman. History has been made! More to come, Hong Kong! **Please note a… Continue reading

Heavy Presents: Prince Fatty ft. Horseman – Legendary UK Dub Reggae

CHAMPIONS OF UK DUB REGGAE INNA HONG KONG CITY 21 DECEMBER 2013 SATURDAY @ XXX GALLERY SAI WAN * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *… Continue reading