Brother Culture, 上海Far East Lion , 香港HEAVY的Dubplate單曲 :Zion發怖㑹 XXX

11月21日星期五 上年嚟過概””Jado””今年代表着中國Ragga-Muffin成為北京红牛Bass Camp的成員.横掃當地夜店和音乐節包括上海House of Van, JZ Festival等. “”Rasrankin””係貴陽推廣黑人節奏. 當地有機音樂廣播一直深受貧民窟, Hip-Hop和Rocksteady風格影响,當晚佢會同J-Hoon合作幾首Hip-Hop歌. 加上老柏檔客串 Rebearth + Hope One 阿鼠+ Blood Dunza We are flying in 2 mainlanders to set FIRE in the XXX dancefloor Original Shanghai… Continue reading

The Original Rasta MC Brother Culture (Brixton,UK) 8 Stops China Tour

好歌停不了 Original Rasta MC Brother Culture Hailing from London, comes BROTHER CULTURE The Original Rasta MC outta legendary Brixton town. Full of roots and vibes, Brother Culture has been holding the fort at… Continue reading


// Post by Douglas Paine.  Special shout out to Hong Kong and all of you, Heavy HK Crew! * NUH MISS OUT TOMORROW NIGHT *

Mungo’s Hi Fi & Charlie P 17/10 Fri @ HEAVY

Inna Serious Time 17th Oct Friday 2014 Mungo’s Hi Fi Hailing from Scotland, Mungo’s Hi Fi are championing the modern evolution of reggae, dub and dancehall music while also re-invigorating soundsystem culture. They… Continue reading

11th Oct 2014 Sat Good Vibes Mainlanders Take Over !

10月11日星期六大陸仔One Love XXX 上年嚟過概””Jado””今年代表着中國Ragga-Muffin成為北京红牛Bass Camp的成員. 今年帶埋””遠東之師 Far East Lion””的另外一成員來自沖繩的Selecta “”Shohei””佢風格係Dancehall和Ragga Jungle. “”Shohei””高興時會攞Mic同””Jado””一齊唱.佢地兩人横掃當地夜店和音乐節包括上海House of Van, JZ Festival等. “”Rasrankin””係貴陽推廣黑人節奏當地的傳奇人物.貴洲係內地最窮的省份,在當地的Party99%係本地人. 有機音樂廣播一直深受貧民窟, Hip-Hop和Rocksteady風格影响,當晚佢會同J-Hoon合作幾首Hip-Hop歌. 來自肯亞的Rayshizzle 會為當晚暖埸加上Blood Dunza同阿鼠做一set廣東話聲音系统之後同Shohei一齊Ragga Jungle. 希望你地會嚟撑下!!! We are flying in 3 mainlanders to set FIRE in… Continue reading

Heavy Presents : Asian Top Ranking Deejay “PAPA U-Gee” @ XXX

  今個星期四 @ XXX: “PAPA U-Gee” 日本最受尊敬的雷鬼藝人之一 當地建立成世界頂級雷鬼文化的其中一個重要人物. 25年來在演出風格包括Roots Reggae, Dancehall & Dub. Mighty Crown 的Sammi T在牙買家的第一次演出也是PAPA U-Gee 安排的. 1985年他和他的Roots樂隊”ASB”開始了雷鬼生涯的.1988加入了橫濱的Banana Size聲音系統.90年代移居到去了發源地的一個貧民窟Cockburn Pen. Deejay明星Super Cat , Josey Wales, U-Roy ,Early B等也是在這區長大的.他和他的牙買家朋友Emperor Star經常去探訪Tuff Gong ,… Continue reading

6th Sept SUNS OF DUB (Rockers International/JA) Addis Pablo & Ras Jammy + Masia One (VP Records)

This September mood gets tuned right. Son of legendary Augustus Pablo, Addis Pablo alongside Ras Jammy will take us back to Jamaica with LIVE Melodica action & rare selections from Rockers International. 已故牙買加雷鬼囗風琴大師Augustus… Continue reading

Artiste Profile: Rockwell

Shooting straight to Number 1 on with “1_2_3_4″ in less than two blinks of an eye, Rockwell’s definitely got his game right. Full of surprises with his production or live on decks, he’s not… Continue reading

2Aug: Rockwell (ShogunAudio/BBCRadio1) at XXX

“Rifling wide-armed references with a sharp sense of unpredictability, Rockwell is one of a kind. Emerging on Critical and Digital Soundboy, Rockwell has made his home on Friction’s agenda-setting Shogun Audio imprint. Trashing… Continue reading

Champion Deejay “TOP CAT” + “Don Caesar” China Summer Tour 2014

  Almost three decades and counting, TOP CAT is the definitive sound of UK Jungle. With some of the biggest hits in the history of Jungle and Dancehall music, anthems have been etched… Continue reading


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HEAVY Presents : Proper DnB with Axon [Kane FM / Invisible / Proximity / Demand]

5th July DnB Massive @ XXX Guest : Arac (Legacy DnB Beijing ) with support from Phaeton , Mr. Lloyd ,Blood Dunza