Heavy Presents: Original Bristol Sound – RSD (Rob Smith Dub)

Return of the Bristol’s Legendary Dub Innovator:  RSD (Smith and Mighty) UK
(More Rockers/Tempa/Tectonic/BlackBox/ReggaeRoast/SteppaRecords)

RSD – Rob Smith – 二十年一直在推動的低音節奏 . 英國音樂重鎮 Bristol 中一位重要人物, 其音樂旅程在 1979 Bristol Dub樂隊Restriction開始當吉他手,87年和 Ray Mighty 組成傳奇的低音先鋒”Smith and Mighty” , 為Massive Attack 錄制第一隻Single “Any Love”典定 Trip Hop 源頭. 其早期jungle 深深影響 Roni Size , Suv ,Krust , Die 等Bristol 後一代 . Smith and Might K7 – Dj Kick 系列在全球大熱 ,一向低調的他們因為和唱片公司的合約問題令他們回到地下. Rob Smith在音響系統一直沒有停下來 . 在Dubstep 巨輪下2007 年以RSD之名以Dubstep作骨幹再展現一代Dub 樂大師深度. 在Dubstep名廠牌 Tectonics , Drunk Punch . Black Box ,Tempa再走上頂尖之路,當今雷鬼Dub味Dubstep之王

RSD, perhaps better known as Bristol bass and drum music stalwart Rob Smith (one half of respected production duo Smith and Mighty – one of the longest serving crews in Bristol, responsible for production duties on early Massive Attack material and a heavy influence on Talkin’ Loud hero Roni Size) has been pushing bass heavy rhythms for more than two decades. Under the moniker RSD, Rob Smith produces fresh, innovative bass music that simultaneously pays dues to his deep soundsystem roots while pushing things ever forward – he remains firmly at the forefront of Bristol’s endlessly inventive music scene. (Dubstep /Jungle)


Local Reggae live band – Sensi Lion


Support Djs :
Hidden Dragon (UK) (Reggae)
Hope One (Dub Temple Records, AUS) (Dub)
BloodDunza (Heavy, HK) (Ragga Jungle)
Rahyym RayShizzle on the mic

Reggae / Dub / Dubstep/Jungle
Straightly Good Vibe


Date: Friday 16th March 
Time: 10:30 till 5 
(<12am) $150 + 1 Drink 
(>12am) $180 + 1 Drink 

Limited Reggae Mix CD from BloodDunza
Come Early!


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