Almaty by Bus – A reggae documentary from China to Kazakhstan


Recently, our friends representing Uprooted Sunshine Soundsystem, based in Shanghai, went on a journey to spread love beyond language or customs in Almaty, Kazakhstan. Respect to all involved and Big ups to Arminda, Esia, Didjelirium, Uprooted Sunshine Crew, Jammin’ Bus Soundsystem, JahRA Corporation and all reggae lovers for keeping the flag flying high!

“Almaty by Bus is a musical documentary in which you will tag along three members of Uprooted Sunshine, Arminda, Esia and Didjelirium, as they make their way towards Almaty, Kazakhstan to take part in the eponymous reggae event at Da Freak Club, organized by Jammin’ Bus Soundsystem and JahRA Corporation.

26 hours bus rides, live footage, local Kazakhstan music, friendly drunks, awesome people and interviews with those who are pushing reggae music in a place where nobody was expecting it, proving once more how reggae is THE international music!”