Heavy presents: Don of Finland’s Dubstep, TES LA ROK

Tes La Rok (Dub Police / Noppa / Swamp 81) Helsinki, Finland

Tes La Rok is without a doubt one of the top dubstep producers and DJs in the scene today, with a slew of number one hits and top rated dj sets around the world, you can see why he is one of the most highly demanded artists on the circuit.

His music has been featured on a variety of respected compilations such as Steppas Delight on Soul Jazz Records, Dubstep Allstars 5 on Tempa, Mary-Anne Hobbs “Evangeline” on Planet Mu and Mixmag’s 25th anniversary mix (mixed by Laurent Garnier). He’s had DJ appearances in UK’s biggest nights like DMZ, FWD, SUBDUB, PLATFORM 1, Fabric and The End to name a few and festivals all over the world .

Introduced to underground music at a young age, Tes La Rok started writing beats while listening to and learning from early Metalheadz and Good Looking Records productions. In 2005 he released his debut album “Play It Again”, which won the Best Electronic Album of the Year at the Estonian Music Awards.

While all this was going on, he was already finding inspiration in artists such as Distance, Loefah, and Digital Mystikz, rediscovering the same elements that got him hooked on Jungle all the way back in the early 1990s. By 2006, Tes La Rok’s name had already started to appear on various DJ mixes and radio shows including N-Type on Rinse FM & Plastician on BBC Radio 1, Tes La Rok released “Around The World Girls” remix in 2007 and it immediately received anthem status and was later selected as the best Dubstep tune of 2007 (alongside Mala’s Lean Forward) on Dubstepforum awards. His recent LP “THEM” on his own imprint Noppa Recordings in 2011 and his latest signing to Loefah’s Swamp 81 has taken his career a step further . Boomkat hails him as one of dubstep’s most “persistently prolific producers”.

來自芬蘭,赫爾辛基(冬天沒有太陽的地方)是世界頂級的Dubstep製作人和DJ, 多年來無數冠軍歌曲, 其DJ演出世界各地好評如潮,其音樂不拘一格,對陽光的其待的雷鬼和對制度不滿反射式黑暗到現在只用Hardware Synth對聲音重新思考. 你可以看到為什麼他是當今Dubstep界最熾手可熱的藝術家之一.

Tes La Rok 的音樂受全球低音迷尊敬 , 其作品在地下和主流得到很高評價 ,他的歌曲收錄在Soul Jazz Record 的Steppas Delight, Tempa 的Dubstep All Star Vol.5, Mary-Anne Hobbs 在Planet Mu 的”Evangeline”, Laurent Garnier在Mixmag 25周年紀念等經典合輯. 在英國最大的晚會 DMZ, FWD, Fabric, The End, SubDub, Cable 留下無數彈痕.他的早期音樂影響從Metalheadz, Good Looking,早期綽號Dice 骰仔製作 Drum and Bass. 在2005年,他發表他的首張專輯“Play Again 贏了愛沙尼亞音樂獎的年度最佳電子專輯。直到他聽到 Distance ,Loefah,Digital Mystikz 的聲音, 2006年 Tes La Rok 的名字開始在不同的電台和DJ混音出現, 包括N-Type 在 Rinse FM, Plastician 在 BBC, 簽了 Dub Police, Argon, NarcoHz. 2007一首Uncle Sam – “Round the world girls” Remix 成為Dubstep國歌, Tes La Rok全球高速走紅, 後來被Dubstep Forum 選定為2007年最佳歌曲,走上Dubstep典堂之路。之後和 芬蘭同鄉Desto建立Noppa Records. 2010發行他第一張 LP, “THEM”. 2011簽了Loefah的Swamp 81向130 Bpm 走出了一步。

More on Tes La Rok in our upcoming Artist Feature.


Date :13th Friday April 2012
Time: 11:00PM to 5:00AM
Damage : TBC
Venue: Backstage Live
(1/F, Sompteux Central, 52-54 Wellington Street, Central)

Supporting Acts
MC Rebearth, Stef:funn, N1D, BloodDunza, Subcoat, VJ Ocular.

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