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TOP UP: Heavy X Dub Temple Records X Robox Neotech X Chrome Kids X Bodez

KAPTIN from Chrome Kids / Bodez have been added to tonight’s line up! Here’s the game plan. No snoozing. 11:00 Hidden Dragon + BloodDunza 11:45 Hope One  12:30 Rebearth – Live Set  01:15… Continue reading

Coming Soon!

List of big things coming up at Heavy Hong Kong. More details and artists’ info to be loaded. Don’t miss Heavy at Clockenflap too! Follow us on our website + facebook + twitter

Dub Temple Records X Robox Neo Tech X Heavy

30th Nov Friday 2012 十一月三十曰 澳洲廠牌Dub Temple Records的主䐉Science Project 首次到港. 本地Electronica/Hip Hop 音樂人Rebearth會為我們帶來他2012年的新作. 加上伯林鬼材doshy的地位一度飆昇在英國著名電音廠牌Planet Mu,荷蘭一線低音廠牌Rwina和Lowriders. 其作品被大名鼎鼎的電音博客如BBC 1 Radio, Ninja Tunes, Low End Theory等多次播放,也受國際一線DJ如Q-bert, D-styles, GaslampKiller等等青睞。 希望見到大家 Dub Temple Records is a Brisbane-based independent… Continue reading

Sunday! Reggae Sound System! 帶音響去外面雷鬼下!

  今個星期曰我地帶音響出去雷鬼一下 地點: 元朗南生圍路盡頭 一 巨型草地 We are bringing the Sound System to Nam Sing Wai in Yuen Long. For a Day of Strictly Conscious Roots Reggae Vibe out in a massive grassfield… Continue reading

Heavy Hongkong presents DJ DRAGON [Dubway/Homebass,Thailand]

1997年Dragon開始他的低音工程,首位泰國DnB代表人物,泰國最巨型舞會和電台FAT Radio 104.5的電音節目. 過去十幾年在大氣電波和舞會中為泰國國民带來美味的低音,直到今日最巨型Dubstep舞會Dubway. Dj Dragon的低音只有更細膩的技術,更成熟的味道和更深層的體會. HEAVY有幸在Dragon日本巡迴後請到香港打1set DnB . 十一月九日 星期五 XXX 見 Born in Bangkok Thailand in 1976 Dragon was raised in a family of artists and musicians. As a child he… Continue reading