Exclusive ** Joe Syntax Asia Tour / HK Interview


Going through Bangkok, Singapore and now, finally, Hong Kong.
Heavy is proud to bring Joe Syntax to Hong Kong!

We caught up with the man himself, post masala dosai breakfast, to pick on his wits.
Here’s what he had to share..


1. How tall are you?
I’m around 6ft.1″ 

2. When did you start listening to DnB?

I was about 16, I was always more into techno before hand.
I got into Amon Tobin’s jungle tunes from him Permutation LP
and then into Bad Company and Ed Rush & Optical. 

3. How did you get in touch with the Hospital Records?
Through my track Expectra. Tony played out on the democast then
we met at Matter in London and he said they wanted to sign it for a
Med School compilation called, “New Blood”.

4. Can you share 1 technique that you always use for production with us?
I always use subtractive EQ-ing to clear the mix of unwanted frequencies.
It’s a very good habit when making music!

5. How is Asia so far ?
It’s been Amazing! I’ve had two great gigs in Singapore and Bangkok and have
been able to explore these places too. Now I’m looking forward to playing in Hong Kong for the first time.


1. 你有多高?
我 6尺1寸

2. 什麽開始時候聴DnB?
当年差不多16歲,已經在聴 Techno , 當時無意之中聴了 Amon Tobin 的
Permutation LP 內的一首 Jungle 曲, 之后聴 Bad Company , Ed Rush & Optical.
完完全全喜欢上了 Drum n’ Bass. 

3. 你是如何認識到Hospital唱片公司?

那時候 經過我的一首歌 “Expectra”. Tony (Hospital老總) 在 Democast 上放了此曲.
當我在伦敦的夜店 Matter 中碰到他時,他說他們想簽此曲放在Med School的合輯New Blood上!

4. 你可否分享一個你制作㢦曲時一個經常用到的枝术?

我在制作㢦曲時經用EQ减去一些不要的音频, 這是一個制作时很好習慣!

5. 到了亞洲什么感觉?

在新加波和曼谷的演出反應非常好. 在那些地方,我有一點時間去探索幾个地点. 現在非常其待第一次在港演出。


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