Heavy Presents: Prince Fatty ft. Horseman – Legendary UK Dub Reggae



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“Blur 主唱Graham Coxon 説Fatty是肥美音質的大師,配合聲音技巧就像是多樂士(Dulux)配油漆一樣”

Prince Fatty是一位錄音奇才. 合作單位包括:
Gregory Isaacs, Manu Chao, A Tribe Called Quest, Kula Shaker, Graham Coxon, Unkle, Nick Cave, Lily Allen.

那忠於”70年代”聲音. 全硬件的錄音制作.鼓和貝斯的肥美混音枝術.自2005年Prince Fatty成為歐洲近年雷鬼復興的要員! 今次Fatty帶來英國其中一位最好的雷鬼MC和Max Romeo衘用鼓手相重身份的”Horseman” 之前去了Prince Fatty辨的演出.第一次看到Horseman+Prince Fatty组合的威力. 二個月之後的今日他們來香港. 都幾離奇.只好說聲HEAVY和雷鬼樂的緣份正在升级.终於揾到機會帶晒d喇叭呀Sub呀去XXX. ! 2013完结前希望大家到來一齊一路震一路分享雷鬼正面的感覺!

Prince Fatty 名字叫Mike Pelanconi是一位著名的唱片監製,錄音室老板,音頻工程師 20年來在英國錄音室界打滾,一直從事Rock , Acid Jazz, Hip-Hop,Reggae錄音和監製工作 合作單位包括 : Gregory Isaacs, Dub Syndicate, Little Roy, Adrian Sherwood, Mafia & Fluxy, Lily Allen, Luciano, Capleton, Manu Chao, JD from A Tribe Called Quest, The Sugarhill Gang, Brand New Heavies, Kula Shaker, Graham Coxon, Unkle, Nick Cave, Black Rebel Motor Cycle Club等等

“Blur 主唱Graham Coxon 説他是錄制音質肥美的大師,配合聲音技巧就像是多樂士(Dulux)配油漆一樣”

“Unkle主䐉James Lavelle 説他是: 錄制真鼓的Mutherfxxker! ”

2005年服装品牌”Stussy”為了慶祝二十五週年設計了一套受牙買加颜色鮮艷的海灘感覺影响的衣服. Stussy找了 Mike 制作一首”來自七十年代早期牙買加音樂影响,樂颧+懶洋洋感覺的單曲.與服装一起推出. Prince Fatty 的名字正式誕生! 單曲意外地成功,在BBC Radio 1上經常橎放非應很好.

他决定做一張向牙買加音樂最美好的年代致敬的唱片.Fatty找來一班頂级樂手包括Roots Radics成員 和歌手包括Horseman, Sex Pistols鼔手Paul Cook的女兒”Hollie Cook”, 和 Studio One 經典人物 Dennis Alcapone, Winston Francis和Little Roy. 重新制做70年代雷鬼獨特的音質,以70年代舊式錄音抬,卷式錄音帶全Analog制作! 他把歌曲速度加快和重新打做一些耳熟能詳的歌曲. 包括Hip-Hop巨星Ol’ Dirty Bastard’s “Shimmy Shimmy Ya” , Cypress Hill 的Insane in the Membrane. 垃圾搖滾(Grunge)教父Nirvana的Come as You are 等雷鬼版本. 打破了雷鬼地下的框框. “Survivial of Fattest” 已成為一張現代經典雷鬼唱片 . 之後2010的 “Super Size” 和 2012 年的的 “Prince Fatty Versus the Drunken Gambler” 同樣成功

Hollie Cook, Horseman, Prince Fatty 组合成為歐洲近雷鬼復興的要員.
Prince Fatty的成功是吸引了一班非典型雷鬼迷的英國年青人
Experiencing Prince Fatty’s music is a real holiday for fans of distinctive analog reggae/ska/rocksteady sounds of 70’s. Prince Fatty sound is designed to Dub your feet with Rock Steady beats and stimulate brain waves in a jazz-like way…delivered in an up-beat, positive and organic funk fashion. Mixed in an analog haze of vintage spring reverbs, tape echoes and custom hi-grade mixing console, Prince Fatty is a true champion in his field.

Legendary Master MC Horseman and Prince Fatty come with 30KGs of dubplates ready to drive you crazy through big bass lines and beats.

Prince Fatty 
Working with some of the best singers and musicians across the globe, he is responsible for wicked and clever albums from from acid jazz to Lily Allen’s smash ‘Alright Still’ for Regal/EMI, Little Barrie’s ‘Stand Your Ground for Genuine/PIAS, Manu Chao, Graham Coxon of Blur, Gregory Isaacs, Dub Syndicate, A Tribe Called Quest, Brand New Heavies, Kula Shaker, Luciano or Capleton. In 2005 his joyful limited edition single „Nina’s Dance” was used for clothing label Stussy’s advertisement and since then released three solo albums under Prince Fatty banner while producing highly acclaimed albums for Hollie Cook, Little Roy („Battle For Seattle” with Nirvana’s reggae covers) and London band, The Skints. His vintage reggae sound is full of references to hip-hop, evident in covers of Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg’s “Gin and Juice” or „Insane in the Brain” from Cypress Hill.

His hard-hitting beats have backed the best Reggae artists in the business; Max Romeo, Little Roy and many more. Horseman can be seen roaming across Europe appearing at clubs and festivals MCing with the Prince Fatty Soundsystem & Hollie Cook. Having worked alongside producers and engineers such as Jah Shaka and Mad Professor, he has guaranteed his status both in the studio and on stage.

21st Dec 2013 SAT 

Support Line Up: 
Hidden Dragon, Rayshizzle, Hope One, The Groove Thief,
Stef:funn, Alex Croft, Blood Dunza. 

Damage: $200 All Night ! 

Time: 21:00 – 3:30 

Venue: XXX Gallery 

B/F, 353-363 Des Voeux Road West, 
Shek Tong Tsui, Hong Kong Island
(Next to Hong Kong Plaza)

A Tram ride away from Central.
One stop before “Shek Tong Tsui” Tram Terminus 

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