Monthly Archive: January, 2014

BIG UP! Love Da Records / Tommy Chan

Here’s the main man, Tommy Chan of Love Da Records, as featured on South China Morning Post. Thank you, Love Da Cafe, for letting us be around for many wonderful nights like Joe… Continue reading

We Go Forward 新年低音派对

If you’re looking for things beyond +852 region, here’s where things are to kick off 2014 with some banging bass! Our delightful friends in Chengdu China, have something special in store. Back home… Continue reading

Hidden Dragon X Heavy: Cian Finn meets Jian Liang Sound

HIDDEN DRAGON & HEAVY HK PRESENT A HONG KONG REGGAE SPECIAL • CIAN FINN – international reggae singer & MC • 䉃亮的聲音系统 JIANG LIANG SOUND – 4 piece LIVE DUB BAND ft. China’s… Continue reading