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Frequency同HEAVY HK首次聯手為大家帶來英國著名DnB廠牌Metalheadz近期的猛將 – Jubei(U.K)

Prepare yourselves for a night of rolling Drum & Bass as Frequency & Heavy HK ‘s first collaboration of 2014 brings a very special guest, JUBEI (Metalheadz, UK)

Jubei’s 2014 tour is currently in motion as he showcases the long awaited release of “To Have & Not Have”. His most successful single to date, ‘Say Nothing’ came in May 2012 featuring infamous Grime MC ‘Flowdan’. Jubei is signed exclusively to Metalheadz label, who are at the forefront of the Drum & Bass scene, releasing the biggest names in the genre.

多年來DnB在世界內打滾. 他從倫敦走到紐卡素生活. 無非想逃出倫敦和DnB音樂工業的中心. 專心完成他的第一張大碟,他那無可挑剔的塑做力加上典型DnB頂级技术派聲音設計. 2012年成為Metalheadz獨家藝人.他的一曲Say Nothing feat. 名Grime歌手Flowdan. 把Jubei推到頂级DnB制作人系列之中. 個人首張大碟To have & Not have推出立刻成為Metalheadz的一張經典作品.合作名字包括dBridge, Youngsta, Consequence, Marcus Intalex, Goldie & J:Kenzo, DRS, SP:MC and Flowdan.

Date: Friday, 14th Feb 2014
Time: 10pm – 3:30am
Damage: $200
Address: XXX Gallery, 353 Des Voeux Road West, Sai Wan

Also Featuring:
DJ Wash (Kongkrete Bass, Mutimusic, Section 8) of Kongkretebass + Kongkast who is currently based in Germany, will be on tour throughout Asia while opening for Jubei in Singapore and Hong Kong. After a strong year with many releases, he’s back in Hong Kong to rinse us out.

Supports: Mz Kishi (Frequency/TKG), Blood Dunza (Heavy Hongkong), Phaeton

Hosted by Rebearth MC & MC R VEE


Check Jubei’s full bio here:

Jubei is the name on the lips of almost every top-flight drum & bass DJ. Whether it’s his solo productions, collaborations with the likes of Breakage, Alix Perez, Youngsta, Icicle, Lenzman and Ulterior Motive, or his work as a member of Code 3 (with SP:MC and Dakuan), his music features heavily in the sets of those in the know.

As a DJ, Jubei is quickly building an enviable reputation as a razor sharp technician with impeccable selection and regularly plays drum & bass institutions such as Metalheadz, True Playaz, Renegade Hardware, FWD>> and Detonate with regular trips across Europe, as well as sets at major festivals including Outlook & Sun and Bass.

Jubei’s first home, MC GQ’s Emcee Recordings released his 2006 debut ‘Still There’ and ‘Harvester’, a pair of collaborations with Breakage that paved the way for another co-write, ‘The Struggle’ this time alongside Sabre for Breakage and Equinox’s Scientific Wax. A move to Newcastle brought forth a kinship with Phobia that delivered a string of releases for the likes of Renegade Hardware and Phobia’s own label Coded Music, followed by releases for Shogun Audio, 31 Records, Exit Records and Critical Music that firmly established Jubei as an integral member of the next generation of D&B heavy-hitters.

Having found a fan in Goldie, Jubei was quickly snapped up and signed exclusively to his seminal Metalheadz label who wasted no time releasing his 2010 debut ‘Nothing Ventured, Nothing Gained EP’ featuring the heavily supported ‘Patience’ (feat. dBridge), Project 1 (feat. S.P.Y.) and ‘Alignment’. His production talents have also been enlisted to help engineer Goldie’s orchestral piece ‘Sine Tempus’ for the BBC Proms and his ‘Classic Goldie’ TV show.

A second ‘Distrust’ EP for Metalheadz, boasting collaborations with Alix Perez and Ulterior Motive and a remix 12″ featuring a Boddika take on ‘Alignment’ and Jubei’s own VIP mix of ‘Patience’ continued the steady rise of Jubei’s profile.

Jubei’s most successful single to date came in May 2012 in the form of ‘Say Nothin’ featuring infamous Grime MC ‘Flowdan’. Accompanied by an official video, this tune and it’s rugged half step beat was favoured by DJ’s across the spectrum with heavy support on BBC Radio 1 & 1 Xtra from the likes of Mista Jam, Target, Friction and more.

‘Say Nothin’ also ushered in a new style for Jubei with productions and DJ sets around the 140 BPM area following in the wake of the single’s release. Jubei’s 140 BPM productions have featured regularly in the DJ sets of Vivek, & Kryptic Minds, and Tempa artists J:Kenzo & Youngsta, who have also both been working on music with Jubei.

Now one of the most important members of the Metalheadz family, the continuously ascendant profile of Jubei has set the tone for his debut album for the label, scheduled for release in late 2013.