Champion Deejay “TOP CAT” + “Don Caesar” China Summer Tour 2014

HEAVY Presents: Champion Deejay TOP CAT and Don Caesar China Tour


Almost three decades and counting, TOP CAT is the definitive sound of UK Jungle. With some of the biggest hits in the history of Jungle and Dancehall music, anthems have been etched in every Junglist’s heart. From “Champion DJ”, “Original Ses” to “Love Mi Sess” and many more. A pioneer in the UK urban music scene Top Cat’s vocals have been highly sort after and were used in the creation of the jungle scene and also the speed garage scene, the latter leading to the first top 20 garage tune to hit the charts in 1997 paving the way for an influx of many other mainstream acts after.

Born in Manchester/UK into a Jamaican family, Top Cat came to test his skills on the microphone when visiting cousins in Jamaica as a teen in the late 1970s. In 1989 at Sir Coxson Sound, he met long-time mic partner Tenor Fly and Daddy Freddy. His combination with Congo Natty and Tenor Fly has been the original force of Jungle music since the birth of its genre. When the jungle hype brewed, Top Cat was not exactly pleased with his late 1980s dancehall tune “Love Mi Sess” getting bootleg remix treatments and in 1994, set up his own jungle label ‘9 Lives Records’, where he has pressed some of the biggest jungle anthems of all time.

As an artist Top Cat is dynamic both on record and as a live act and has performed all over the world from the Far East to Australia , to the USA to South America, Europe to the Middle East. In 2013, Congo Natty‘s album “Jungle Revolution” with the epic single, “UK All Stars” featuring Tippa Irie, Tenor Fly, Daddy Freddy, Sweetie Irie, General Levy and Top Cat bringing the uprising and carrying the Jungle flag to a new high. On the main bills of major festivals, Top Cat is quintessential to any true Junglist and Reggae Dancehall fans.

The real Top Cat is on the attack and anytime he touches the track the whole place a go rock!!!!!