Heavy presents Sound of Beijing’s Jungle Music with Blackie (Syndicate/PEK)



17th January 2015 / Saturday 

Sound of Beijing’s Jungle Music !!!

Blackie (Syndicate) 4 Times Best Dj in Beijing

+ Ekki (The Collectiv/Shenzhen)

Local Support:
Saiyan, Pheaton, MC R-Vee, Blood Dunza

XXX Gallery (353-363 Des Veoux Road West)




To anyone involved in the music scene in China, DJ Blackie needs very little introduction. He has been involved in promoting and DJing at a huge number of nights for the last 10 years, starting off in the illegal rave scene in England, before moving onto a weekly slot on the English radio station, Fuse FM. After coming to China, Blackie quickly got involved in the legendary Beijing Drum and Bass collective, The Syndicate, and has been a major player in establishing the crew as the one of the most respected of its kind in the capital.

Over the last five years Dj Blackie has also worked alongside the uber-respected ‘o2culture’ production outfit by being selected to DJ at a number of their hugely popular Yen party series. Blackie’s high octane sets and fast mixing have helped secure bookings at major nights involving big UK labels, such as Hospital, Metalheadz and Good Looking, and have seen him play in front of pumped crowds at outdoor festivals, huge megaclubs and intimate venues. This has all culminated in Blackie being voted ‘Beijing-Based DJ Of The Year’ by readers of City Weekend Magazine in both 2009 and 2010 and winning the Editors pick, DJ of the Year in 2012. Most recently, Blackie added to his awards haul, picking up the Timeout DJ of the Year award at the end of 2013.

在过去的10年里,DJ Blackie 一直专注于现场音乐表演,并以他极具天赋与技巧的演出为人熟知。在英国,DJ Blackie 从地下锐舞派对起步,之后又加入每周的Fuse FM广播。来到中国后,DJ Blackie 迅速的加入了北京Drum and Bass传奇团体The Syndicate并成为主力成员。’o2culture’ 旗下知名派对‘焱”系列在过去的5年一直坚持和DJ Blackie 的合作。DJ Blackie 以他高超的技巧出现在一些重要的英国厂牌,例如Hospital和Metalheadz的活动上。无论是在室外音乐节,大型俱乐部或是地下夜店,DJ Blackie 都能挑动派对动物的神经。近年来Blackie屡屡受到媒体评选青睐,分别在2009和2010年City Weekend杂志被读者选为“北京年度最佳DJ”,2012年编辑投选第一,最近获得2013年Timeout年度DJ,证明了他的绝对实力。





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