HEAVY x COJIE [Mighty Crown] “The Far East Rulaz” & World Soundclash Champion














HEAVY HK 今次請來日本+全球Soundclash王者 “Mighty Crown” 成員 Cojie.
他以 Roots, Dub, Stepper 風格見稱在 Mighty Crown 代表着 Roots and Culture 雷鬼風.


World Clash Champion & undisputed Japan’s #1 Soundsystem
It’s a Strictly Roots and Dub session




1991年Mighty Crown在橫濱成立. 他们在日本各地放音乐在舞池的好評和自制的錄音帶慢慢地在當地得到一定的名氣. 之後1994年他们建了自己的聲音系统. 開始了和其他聲音系统”聲音冲突” 1998年他们成為”聲音冲突” 不敗聲音系统冠軍之后他们帶領着日本的雷鬼DANCEHALL音樂

從第一天開始Mighty Crown日本已不是他们唯一推廣音樂的地方. 90年代成員開始住在美國因為经常去錄音室,唱片店和在街頭上慢慢學會了牙買加語言. 開始在纽约1992年演出. 1999年來到世界聲音系统冲突舞台. 他們把牙買加,美國的聲音系统打倒成為首個亞洲的冠軍全球大熱.

今天Mighty Crown是世界雷鬼Dancehall代名詞. 他們以各種方法去推廣雷鬼音樂 每周六的電台節目,俱樂部,大型球場演唱會,電視. 開始了自己的唱片廠牌”Lifestyle Records,”

Mighty Crown 向世界証明了雷鬼樂是國際性. 雷鬼樂是全球人民. 他們的成功是他們的天份,能力,愛和對雷鬼樂奉獻.


Today, Mighty Crown has become the household name not only in Japan but throughout the dancehall scene worldwide. They have been promoting reggae music in Japan in different type of forms. They have been playing on radio show every Saturday, clubs, concerts, appearing on TV shows, establishing their own record label named “Lifestyle Records,” promoting dances, producing a clothing line called “Nine Rulaz,” and establishing a Japanese dancehall free paper magazine called, “Strive.”

Mighty Crown is one of the sounds to prove to the world that reggae music is an international music. The music for the people worldwide. Mighty Crown has become very influential to the reggae scene due to their talent, ability, love, and devotion to the reggae music.

Japan was not the only place they have been playing. From the first day they have started playing sound, Masta Simon and Sami-T, and other members of Mighty Crown always had a bigger aim, which was to bust their sound in foreign. They started living in the United States from the early 90’s and gradually learned the Jamaican language and the dancehall flex by hanging out in studios, record shops, and in the streets of Brooklyn, NY. They started playing at local clubs in Brooklyn and Manhattan around 1992 and eventually lead their way to the World Clash ’99 held in Brooklyn, NY.

On their first appearance in World Clash’99, they defeated sounds from Jamaica and the United States and became the first Japanese sound to get the World Clash trophy. Since then, they have been touring major cities in the United States (New York, Miami, Tampa, Orlando, Atlanta, Houston, Boston, Washington DC, Virginia, Conneticutt, New Jersey, and etc.), the Caribbean (Jamaica, Antigua, Bermuda, Trinidad and Tobago, St. Lucia, Barbados, St Kitts, and etc), and Europe ( England, Germany, Switzerland, and etc.) . Starting in year 2000, Mighty Crown teams up with Irish & Chin ENT and strengthens their works International wise.

{World Clash was an annual reggae sound system clash The World Sound Clash was started by World Promotion in 1993, the first clash was at the Roller express in London. Bodyguard sound system was the first world sound champion.}

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Date: 1st May 2015 / Friday
Venue: XXX Gallery (B/F, 353-363 Des Voeux Road West Sai Wan, Hong Kong)
Line Up: Chong Long, Mouse FX, Groove Thief, Alex Croft, Blood Dunza
Time: 22:00hr – 4:00hr
Damage: 180 HKD (before 11PM or for students with valid ID, 120 HKD)


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Facebook event page: https://www.facebook.com/events/1555197941398768
‘Mighty Crown’ facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/mightycrownfan
Mighty Crown Official Site: http://www.mightycrown.com


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