HEAVY HK presents IRATION STEPPAS [SubDub] + KURANAKA aka 1945 [Zettai-Mu/JP] *debut*


As seen on Coconuts Hong Kong, Resident Advisor and Mixmag Asia.

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UK 90年代Dub名聲音系统, SubDub 主理人,
公元3000年Dub先鋒 IRATION STEPPAS每星期都玩幾日
+ 日本傳奇Dub系先锋Kuranaka aka 1945 (Zettai-Mu)

The biggest UK dub act to land in Hong Kong!
Watch out for IRATION STEPPAS reppin’ SubDub Leeds, SubDub London, Red Bull Culture Clash, Outlook Festival

Plus! Special guest from Jahpan! KURANAKA, a UK Dub Sound and Japan Dance music pioneer who has been the undisputed leader in the genres for the past 20 years.

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是 Dub 世界入面最頂级聲音系统之一

Mark Iration 和拍擋名低音结他手 Dennis Rootical, Sammy Dread 早在八十年代以個人身分在倫孰聲音系统打滾. 到八十年代后期 Jah Shaka 和 Jah Tubby 等經典人物同台演出. 90九十年代Iration Steppas 成立時専注在 Dubplate 上到現時的自產歌曲. 公認 Dub 樂先鋒破傳统使用 CDJ,忠於Dub的核心再强化的聲效. 公元3000年風格不只在音色上也思想上. 2003的大碟 Dubs From The Higher Region 深深影响着無數各路樂迷.

他們在列斯特城西印度社區中心的 Sub Dub 舞會是 UK Dub, Steppas 迷和一系列 Bass 迷的聖地. 也直接影响到Outlook Festival 的成立.

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Kuranaka aka 1945

日本英國系Dub樂先锋, 20年 Zettai-Mu 高質 Party. Kuranaka aka 1945 在日本和Lee Perry , Jah Shaka, Aba Shanti-I , Shy Fx 一起巡演 . 音樂作品包括在英國 Adrian Sherwood 的On-U Sound廠牌出品,連大家喜愛的效果器KAOSS PAD也是在他身上䦕發而成.

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* Internationally recognised as one of the best on the block: Mark Iration, founder of Iration Steppas, is clearly crucial to the global sound system culture.

* One of the top dubwise acts in the world

* Founders of legendary UK: Subdub Leeds, Subdub London, Dancehall Science, Exodus

* Part of award winning largest bass festival: Outlook & Dimensions

* Red Bull Culture Clash representative.

As one of the top dubwise outfits in the world and a firm favourite at the largest international music festivals, Iration Steppas need no introduction to those familiar with the UK music scene. One of the head corner stones of the UK dub scene since the early 90s, Mark Iration, founder of Iration Steppas, has been spearheading the Leeds dub scene with his flagship night Subdub (a pivotal force in the formation of award winning Outlook & Dimensions Festivals, the family organisation includes Subdub Leeds, Subdub London, Dancehall Science & Exodus). Alongside his musical partner Dennis Rootical, Iration Steppas evolved from a sound system that focuses on spinning dubplates and ventured into their own production with wide fanfare. Having played out all over the world from the USA to Japan, Iration Steppas have grown to be internationally recognised as one of the top UK sound systems, and are guaranteed to bring the noise in a big way. Iration Steppas are in the finest tradition of sound systems, paying respect to the music, the culture, the vibes and the sound.

Some might say Iration Steppas are far removed from the traditional sound of reggae but the same might also be said of pioneers like King Tubby and Lee Perry when they first started to push musical boundaries! Moving forwards ever and backwards never, they continue to play a crucial role in the world of dub – the Vanguard of Dub – the unstoppable force that is Iration Steppas.

★ Official Website

★ The Story of Subdub: 15 Years in the Making · Cable Nightclub, London

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Mark Iration, the founder of Leeds-based sound system Iration Steppas, first started playing with his mother’s amps and has always been an avid follower of roots and culture events, inspired by sound systems such as Jah Shaka – with his intense spiritual focus, and Jah Tubby’s with their ‘hooligan’ style of deejays. Encouraged by friends, along with his ever-expanding music collection. Mark decided it was time to make his own impact on the world of sound system. In 1990, Iration Steppas sound system was formed.

In action, Mark Iration speaks in a booming voice; his dub roots sound system prides itself on being one of the very best and certainly one of the loudest in Europe; and the man even writes in capital letters. Every event he plays he always gives his all – with a particular style that has grown to be internationally recognised as one of the most exciting in the genre.

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KURANAKA a.k.a 1945 (Zettai-Mu, JP)
Born in Kyoto, Japan. He makes full use of his 11 faces and 1000 arms to continue to be the beacon of peace and revolution, from his underground performances in Japan. His riddim to be combined with his open minded instruments that build-up upon, the Super heavyweight bass that goes back and forth with the whole body, with dub effects that of a beast, letting the floor dance madly with joy.

He’s the head of Zettai-Mu and the Zettai-Mu label. He is a Dub/Jungle/Abstract and Japan Dance music pioneer who has been the undisputed leader in the genres for the past 20 years. He has performed at over 1800 gigs, and has organized more than 500 Dances until now.

Zettai-Mu began in 1995, in Japan (Bay Side Jenny, Noon, Liquidroom, Unit, Yellow, Eleven, AIR, Rockets, Motherhall, Metro, Open Air and more) .
Kuranaka (a.k.a 1945) also has been hugely successful with festival appearances throughout Japan, such as the Fujirock festival, Rainbow 2000, Asagiri jam, Metamorphose, Earth Dance, Nagisa music festival, Saturn, Outlook festival and the Spring up festival.

Kuranaka has also toured Japan with Aba shanti-i, Jah shaka, Lee perry, Mad professor, The Orb, Cold cut, Reprazent, Smith&Mighty, Dj zinc, Shy fx, Boredoms, Tha blue herb, Audio active, Dry&heavy, Oki dub ainu band, Goth-trad and many more.

He perform live set with leader “Kazufumi Kodama” of Japanese reggae originator band MUTE BEAT and also participated in “Yokohama Triennale” of the art festival of the biggest in Japan with a set with “Shing02” in 2014. He also creates and plays music with Goma(didgeridoo), Dry&heavy, coba(accordion), NHK Koyxen, E-da(ex.Boredoms), Iccihie(ex.Determinations) etc.

★ Zettai-Mu — http://www.zettai-mu.net/
★ Twitter(@zettai_mu) — http://twitter.com/zettai_mu
★ Facebook — http://www.facebook.com/zettaimu.jp

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Price : 250 HKD
Local Supports : Hidden Dragon, Mousefx, Groove Thief, Alex Croft, Blood Dunza

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