#1 Dancehall Queen of UK: LADY CHANN

Debuting in Summer 2015, LADY CHANN lands in China for a series of gigs not to be missed!

Continuing with sensational shake ups, Heavy has invited LADY CHANN to China this sizzling summer! Here comes Lyrical Murderer, LADY CHANN with all her swag and man-eating prowess. Kicking off her series of debuts in Asia with Heavy.

Introducing the hardest hitting female vocals of Dancehall, roughest rhymes of Grime and fastest chatter of bashments.. As featured on BBC, The Guardian, Clash, Noisey, Vice and many more.


[Congo Natty / Girl’s Music / Ninja Tune / Suncycle]
#reggae #dancehall #bass #jungle

/// New EP out in July 2015 with Grime legend – “Flowdan”
representing her Grime meets Bashment style
/// Fast Chatting smashing tunes with legends and trendsetters
/// Creating anthems with Garage legend – ‘Sticky’, who is responsible for Ms Dynamite’s break through for her career.

Chanelle Williams aka Lady Chann is an imitable female presence in the world of Dancehall and Bashment. Crowned as “UK’s Number One Dancehall Queen”, bursting onto scene with a cover version of Beenie Man’s ‘HMM HMM’, instantly becoming an anthem in 2006. With roots from her Father as a soundman for reputable soundsystems, Coxsone and Exodus, Chann also took up piano, flute, trombone, french horn and drums from a young age and joined the premium Dancehall crew – Suncycle to continuing honing her craft in Dancehall.

Ferociously fast chatting Lady Chann has transcended by working with the best names in Dancehall, Jungle and Grime including Congo Natty, Benny Page, Sticky, Toddla T, Zomboy and Skibadee, Gappy Ranks, Beenie Man, Tippa Irie, Daddy Freddie, Dreadsquad, Mad Decent’s South Rakkas Crew to mention a few. Chann is responsible for bashment classics such as 2009’s ‘Your Eye Too Fast’ and 2010’s ‘Sticky Situation’. Releasing ‘Sticky Situation’ as part an the EP of the same name, on Toddla T’s Girl’s Music label of Ninja Tune which earned her plaudits from the The Guardian, The Fader, and Clash amongst others.

Continuing her assaults as the go-to-girl for Dancehall with a slew of releases including ‘The Trilogy Volumes 1-3’ and her latest mixtape ‘Dun Dem Season’ which received critical acclaim from the likes of VICE, BoomShots & FACT Magazine.

Recommended on Rinse FM’s The Grime Show for jumping out of the Dancehall frames into all areas of Bass, Lady Chann has been part of the Congo Natty family to push boundaries and front the UK Bass scene while working with the finest to explode her talents outernationally and 1st Time in Asia !!!

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Lady Chann 以泼辣与霸气胖妹型像闲名世界
以骚灵唱腔和男人一般狠的 Dancehall 高速说唱取胜.
惊人的现场感染力横扫各大音乐节和舞池, 成为了英国公认的 Dancehall 女王之王.

出生在倫孰, 来自牙买加移民家庭, 爸爸是英国著名传奇雷鬼声音系统 Exodus 和 Coxsone 的音响工程师, Lady Chann 从小在雷鬼乐中长大. 出道时, 在伦敦第一Dancehall乐团Suncycle和Bennie Man一起演出”Hmn Hmm”立即封为2006年的金曲 也以这首作品渐露头角. 陆续合作单位包括 Gappy Ranks, Beenie Man, Tippa Irie, Daddy Freddie等等.

走上獨立歌手的道路, 近年得到潮流指标Vice, Noisey, BBC 1 Xtra, The Rinse FM 的 The Grime Show 强力推介跳出了Dancehall的框架, 结合其他Bass类型. 在Toddla T 的Girl’s Music 厂牌发行和把 Ms Dynamite推到主流的傳奇Garage 人物 Sticky 合作 “Sticky Situation” 成为了在流行榜10大歌曲. 丛林(Jungle)樂成绩也优异, 丛林教父Congo Natty把她收入家族成员, 也成为了丛林奇才Benny Page的最爱. 雷鬼方面数码王Dreadsquad 巡回MC之選必然是 Lady Chann, 潮流指标 Mad Decent 的 South Rakkas Crew 混音作品把她的聲帶到北美洲. Grime 头号 MC Flowdan 合作的最新 EP “Bashment Meets Grime” 七月底上市. Lady Chann的实力得到權威杂志和報紙The Guardian, The Fader, Clash BoomShots & FACT Magazine 的大力推荐. 2015年7月HEAVY暑假,焱熱高温, 火上加油, 帶來最狂野音乐, Vibe 也只有现场才可感受. 解渴至上, 爱上Lady Chann.

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Event Details


Date / Time: 23 JULY 2015 / THU / 10PM
Venue: XXX Gallery (353 Des Veoux Rd West)
Damage: HKD$150 (Before 1130PM) / HKD$180
Line Up: Lady Chann / Blood Dunza / Groove Thief
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/443714745835389/


Date / Time: 24 JULY 2015 / FRI / 10PM
Venue / Damage: Shelter / 60RMB
Line Up: Lady Chann / Blood Dunza / Groove Thief / Far East Lion / Lao Bang
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/443714745835389/


Date / Time: 25 JULY 2015 / SAT / 10PM
Venue / Damage: DADA / 60RMB
Line Up: Lady Chann / Blood Dunza / Groove Thief / Bombadil Selecta / Oshi
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/780208292091660/