Timeout Chats With Lady Chann

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Big Big Big Props to the lovely Miss Alice Mckay for knowin’ what’s what.
The girls had a lovely chat and you should find out all about this Phill Collins hoo-haa!

Charging up stages all over, let’s hear it for UK’s Dancehall Queen: LADY CHANN!











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A dancehall staple landed in Hong Kong on July 10, courtesy of promoters Heavy Hong Kong. Alice McKay catches up with Lady Chann, arguably the UK’s number one dancehall queen, after the show.

With the Notting Hill carnival coming up at the end of August, what song are you looking to bang out?
I’ve got a collaboration EP coming out called Corrupshine and it’s basically grime meets bashment and what I’ve done is team up with five other grime artists. The track that does well at home is Slew Dem & Dun, featuring Diesel D-Power, and that will be the one. Everyone has said that it will be the carnival banger.

We’ve heard you have a fear of heights… With so many skyscrapers and tall hotels in Hong Kong, has that proven an issue?
Okay, so the height thing. I don’t know where that came from? As a kid I wasn’t scared of heights, but over the last five years it has just happened. I can’t be on balconies or things like that. I have to sit down on the floor, I can’t look over railings it’s quite weird. I wouldn’t even go on the London Eye!

As an artist that was ‘brought up’ by artists like Suncycle, having been noticed by Curtis Lynch and then Sticky do you feel a sense of responsibility to share your wealth of industry and creative experience?
Doing the collaboration EP is kind of like showing my side of the fan base that grime and bashment can go together, and also showing their fan base that people like me can go over there as well. I think it’s a 50/50 thing. I’d love to sign artists to my label but I have to get it right myself first, as I’m the blueprint. I’m just kind of doing all the work first, seeing what works and what doesn’t work, and then I’ll be able to take on board other people.

How do collaborations come about for you?
Being in Suncycle, half of these boys, we’ve been on the scene together and they’ve known me for years, like, literally a decade. They’re my mates, so it’s like, “You lot, do you want to do a track?” It’s really truly is as simple as that.

When did you realise that you had flow or wanted to do something with your voice? Describe the moment for us.
I started off singing and I was in the choir, so I always knew I could sing. When I got into Suncycle I was initially brought in as the singer. I wasn’t actually spitting but then they asked, “Can you spit?” and I was like, “Errr… Yeah…” I was kind of embarrassed, but they were like, “Go on then.” It ended up as one of the tracks on the album in 2004 [I Am Somebody]. That was the moment. When I listen to it now I sound pretty dead, but it’s a male orientated business so I can understand how hearing a girl on the album is going to make people’s ears prick up.

You’ve worked with some formidable artists – but at what point do you think ‘features’ became more important than the songs themselves?
For me, features need to make sense. People like to grab the person that’s hot at the time just for the fact that they are hot. I like to feature someone who brings something that I can’t do, since if I can do it I may as well just stay solo on the track. It has to make sense.

We’ve read you’re into Phil Collins, so what is it that you like about him?
I don’t fancy him, I fancy his work. He’s just a great man, he’s not the best singer but his songwriting skills are amazing. He makes just the simplest… Do you know how hard it is to make something sound simple? Now that is difficult, I find him amazing. And, when you listen to his body of work, there’s hardly any crap songs. He’s sick.

How are you feeling about the upcoming China tour?
No Facebook, no Twitter! I’m excited to go there and do my thing and I hope it’s well received. They already told me I can’t wear my ‘Cocaine and Caviar’ cap, which makes me want to wear it more… But I don’t want to end up in jail over a Crooks & Castles cap.