Heavy presents RADDAM RAS [CN]


作為國內最具有代表性的傳奇說唱歌手MC Webber aka Raddam Ras是中文說唱的先鋒,同時也是中國說唱界眾所周知Reggae,Dancehall,音樂風格的引領人物,他不僅可以在舞台上為大家送上自由式的Dancehall Reggae的說唱方式,同時也是一位非常出色出眾的具有強烈個人風格的Reggae Dancehall Traphall DJ,這次他將用自己獨特的DJ混音方式,帶給大家全新勁爆純粹的牙買加風格音樂,送給每個來到現場的朋友們, 讓所有熱愛Reggae的朋友們,度過一個非常愉快而又瘋狂的夜晚

A night of Reggae, Dancehall, Traphall, Jungle

This September, we have invited RADDAM RAS outta Beijing.
Original Beijing Reprezant! The most prominent figure in underground hiphop and roots culture of China cannot be ignored. With skills revered by pioneers and originators, near and far, Raddam Ras is a definite show stopper who has evolved to include electronic music as well.

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ARTISTE: RADDAM RAS [Section 6 / Yin Ts’ang]

Legendary Raddam Ras aka MC Webber is from mainland China. Hands down China’s greatest rapper, he has won the Iron Mic competition in Beijing so many times in a row that they banned him from participating (but he now judges it).

With ten years’ experience in DJing and 20 years as a rapper, Raddam Ras is one of China’s most recognized rap pioneers and most valued MCs. Raddam Ras has performed over 500 times in China, bringing out his first album in 2005 and his first solo album ‘Ghetto Food’ in 2012. He has since collaborated with reggae artists such as Raggasonic, Big Red (France), Pa Pa U Gee (Japan), Sly Dunbar & Robie Shakespeare (Jamaica) and many more.

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Date: 11 SEP 2015 FRIDAY
Time: 1030PM – Late
Damage: (Students/Before 11PM) HKD120 / HKD150
Venue: XXX Gallery (353 Des Voeux Road West, Sai Wan Hong Kong)
Special Guests: Mouse FX, Asi Mosmi, The Groove Thief, Blood Dunza