[09JAN] Trenchtown Music HK + HEAVY Present DEMOLITION MAN aka RAS DEMO


Trenchtown Music HK and HEAVY Present
UK Ragga Jungle Champion:

[9 JAN 2016 / HONGKONG]

Demolition Man aka Ras Demo is here to wreck up a storm with Heavy HK Soundsystem! Debuting in China and Hong Kong this January 2016, watch out for Britain’s best delivering solid Ragga Jungle, Reggae and Dancehall!

2016 ! BOOM! Clockenflap見識過雷鬼+叢林威力的朋友們請廣傳

英國出品其中一位最有才能的雷鬼歌手! 叢林王者Demolition Man一聽難忘的美好聲線, 同時擁有製造大量火焰的快嘴式雷鬼說唱能力. 實力無可置疑!受到雷鬼的啟蒙之後,在1993年和Bounty Killer一起巡演美國迅速成名,1994年傳奇叢林組織Knowledge and Wisdom的Terry T合作的Jungle單曲Fire成為全國流行榜第33名. 把Jungle音樂推到M TV電視上等普羅大眾的層面. 達到同一效果的雷鬼說唱包括有General Levy的Incredible,當年能爭一日之長短也只有Demolition Man. 他在Loyal To The Game 歌曲中說到我們效忠這遊戲, 無倫我們賺了多少錢,我們依然是那樣子, 每日都在燃燒著! 但也無保留地指出, 我們這遊戲中的人大都是騙子, 有一半人已坐在巴比倫快車上的自我檢討. 他與英國圈內巴比倫的鬥爭令他之後的星路在英國圈內荊棘滿途,但國外演出依然火熱.

Ras Demo的誕生是為了帶出更多雷鬼光芒和更成熟的音樂. 堅持Reggae Dancehall的曲風激發他到牙買加和Prince Jammy和Studio1等頂級巨頭錄音室. 其作品也登上了牙買加電台流行榜, 在全球熱力四射. 2016年將會是Ras Demo重要的一年,他和Jah Mason萬眾期待的合輯, 全球最大雷鬼唱片公司VP Records 出品的個人大碟. 接下來的下半年全球巡演. HEAVY聲音系統爭再次先睹為快. 經典人物的成功轉型. 如果舞池的火焰太勁的話. 消防局會安排消防車開到現場. 確保大家人身安全。 Seen !

As a frequent guest on BBC1 Radio and hot favourite at festivals throughout the world, he is recognised as one of the legends nowadays. For over two decades as one of the best in his genre, Ragga Jungle music is not without a mention of Demolition Man and his works. His unique ‘fast tongue, motor mouth’ style of spitting lyrics is widely recognized, notoriously responsible for all time Jungle anthem, ‘Fire’. Applauded onTimeout London, Rise FM’s Choice and No.8 on Best Jungle Tune.

In recent years, Ras Demo is about going back to the roots of Reggae and Dancehall, recording in Jamaica’s Prince Jammy Studio and Studio One with positive feedback on radio stations worldwide. 2016 is a big year for Ras Demo with an album featuring Jah Mason and a solo album on VP Records. Big Tings A Gwan

Also Featuring!
Don Camilo (France)

Born in Chile of a Bolivian mother and a Honduran father, Don Camilo is defined as a global citizen to share his origins and his unusual career. Passionate about music, you might come across to be on his skateboard at a street corner, always screwed earphones. Former pro skateboarder, singer, DJ and avid collector, he had his first musical influences in London, but by his own admission his great musical revelation is first arrived with Jamaican music. This tireless traveler has worked with many labels and producers such as Jamafra, Mungo’s HiFi, Riddim Tuffa, Manu Digital and Brigante Record the label of Telly aka Biga * Ranx with whom he releases his new EP entitled “Soundclash”. Four titles to tones “Reggae Digital” typical of the 80s, or “Don” renews the style of his velvet voice. It is found on FIP Radio Nova and every Sunday at noon on Radio Marais where he hosts Mass of Don Camilo.


Venue: Nathan Left

Address : G/F & 1/F, 5-9 Hart Avenue, TST Hong Kong

Date: 9th January 2016 (SAT)

Supporting Band: “SENSI LION” Live

Supporting Acts: Hidden Dragon , Groove Thief , Blood Dunza

Genre: Reggae/Dancehall/Jungle

Price: 180 HKD + A Drink

Time: 11:00 – 4:00

Facebook Event Page:




In one word, the best description of Demolition Man or Ras Demo is; versatile. Born in Hackney, East London, England and is a singer, songwriter, emcee, engineer, lyricist and producer. “Demolition Man is here to demolish all evil things.” Demo’s drive, love and energy can be felt through his words, power and sound in his musical creations. On the rocky road to being truly recognized and appreciated in the music industry, this hard -working artists’, positivity and determination can literally be felt.

It started when he went to Jamaica as a child and became musically enlightened. From 1983 – 1993 Demo was a key emcee on the sound circuit, first with ‘In Ting Hi Fi’ and then ‘Justice Sound’. While living in the U.S for a year in 1993, he went on a three day tour with Bounty Killer, Lady Patra, Roundhead and Ninjakid. This tour signified the evolution from Wayne Young to Demolition Man.

Widely known for his ‘fast tongue, motor mouth’ style of spitting lyrics, he is also known for his massive Jungle tune ‘Fire’. Dubbed by many as; one of the key Jungle anthems of all time. Demolition Man’s music has been around for more than two decades and his passion for the creation of music is everlasting. Whether it is at a peace concert, rave, stage show, charity event or at the studio his creativity, focus and determination can be seen, felt and heard.

Nothing can out this lyrical fire!