≯Mist x Heavy: Homemade Weapons ‘Clarion Call’ 2016 China Tour

≯Mist x Heavy presents Homemade Weapons ‘Clarion Call’ 2016 China Tour – HongKong @ Focal Fair


跳舞音乐的追随者们已经注意到一个新的试验性的声音正在鼓打贝斯领域蓬勃发展。经典的丛林乐节拍已渐渐让位给更加极简、精致和具有Dub灵感的声音。尽管大量的年轻制作人们如雨后春笋般在全球各个角落浮出水面,但却没有人比来自美国的Homemade Weapons更加开拓。

Followers of the dance music scene will have noticed a new and experimental sound evolving within drum and bass. Classic jungle breaks have been stripped back to make way for a more minimal, refined and dub inspired sound. Despite a wealth of young producers popping up across all corners of the globe there are none more pioneering than U.S based producer Homemade Weapons.

凭借独一无二的创新风格,Homemade Weapons已经获得了巨大声誉。深邃与经典的丛林碎拍结合现代、被剥离的half-beat鼓点元素以及其标志性的Dub风格,使Homemade Weapons在近期新人爆棚的场景中独树一帜。

With a style that is as innovative as it is unique, Homemade Weapons has gained a fearsome reputation for combining dark, classic jungle breaks with modern, stripped back and half time drum patterns. These elements combined with his trademark dub inclusions sets Homemade Weapons aside in a music scene bursting with fresh talent.

在被业内具有极高声望的鼓打贝斯厂牌’武士道音乐 Samurai Music’迅速签下之后,Homemade Weapons已然炙手可热。而作为从1995年就成为鼓打贝斯DJ的他,Homemade Weapons的DJ set在Samurai Music podcasts以及其他Guestmix中的大获成功自然是手到擒来。他已经充分证明了自己是一个DJ台后不可忽视的强大力量。

After being quickly snapped up by ‘Samurai Music’, one of the most reputable drum and bass labels in the industry, Homemade Weapons has become one of the most sought after DJ acts in the scene. Taking a more selective approach to his bookings, Homemade Weapons’ DJ sets have become events in themselves and after a string of wildly successful Samurai Music podcasts and guestmixes Homemade Weapons has more than proven himself as a force to be reckoned with behind the decks.

— Lindsay Jenkins (www.in-reach.co.uk UK)

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>>> 香港 / HongKong / Focal Fair /

Thursday 14th Jan / 1月14日 星期四

ADD:Park Avenue Tower,5 Moreton Terrace,Causeway Bay,Hong Kong

Special Deal 100HKD
預售ADV 120HKD

Homemade Weapons
( Samurai Music / 117 Records US )
Just Bee ( HK )
Kruze ( NZ )
Cvalda ( Mist CN )

more: ilovemist.net


Just Bee (HK)

從舞池走到舞台,被稱為「HK’s underground baby」的 Just Bee 以其著重 Basslines 和 Funky 節奏的音樂風格見稱。2015年,Just Bee 於 Oma 舉辦的生日派對 “Lost in Bass” 中首次以DJ 身份亮相,旋即得到各人的讚賞和鼓勵,Just Bee 的音樂事業就此開始,並開始於 Bass Music China, Heavy Hong Kong和 Soul Healing 的派對中演出。Just Bee 將憑著她對 DnB 的創新而無懼的態度,帶領聽眾進入醉人的音樂旅程。

From the floor to the booth, Hong Kong’s very own Just Bee is no stranger when it comes to heavy rolling basslines and funky beats. Dubbed as “HK’s underground baby”, she debuted this year at her “Lost in Bass” birthday bash, held at Oma, as a surprise. Following the surge of unprecedented praise and encouragement, Just Bee’s musical endeavours have kicked off, playing alongside her masters at numerous Bass Music China, Heavy HongKong and Soul Healing events. With a fresh and gutsy approach to DnB, she’s not afraid to take the crowd on an intoxicating journey.

Kruze (NZ)

是DnB终于讓Kruze安定下來。在新西兰長大,三张专辑塑造了他對DnB的最初印象--High Society, The Human Resource和Hold Your Colour。(这是2000年毕竟…)當時經常逛唱片店的Kruze收集了很多Noisia, Audio, BSE, The Sect和The Upbeats的音樂。而作為一个狂热的音乐探索者,Kruze深入研究了多个子流派。吸引他的是electrostep合成器音色、柔順且深邃的liquid、以及極簡neurofunk的暗黑部分。而最近hip-hop的影响已经拉着他走向Half-Step,如Alex Perez, Eprom和Ivy Lab。請期待他為你帶來黑暗和Funky的特別set。

It was Drum and Bass that finally tied Kruze down. Growing up in New Zealand, three albums shaped his initial DnB experience; High Society, The Human Resource, and Hold Your Colour (it was the 2000s afterall…). Visiting record stores and purchasing the one or two records he loved, Kruze built a collection of Noisia, Audio, BSE, The Sect and The Upbeats. An avid music explorer, Kruze has picked up and delved into many sub-genres. Highlights are electrostep synth-driven tunes, milky and deep liquid, and the dark depths of minimal neurofunk. More recently hip-hop influences have pulled him towards Half-Step and the likes of Alex Perez, Eprom and The Ivy Lab. Expect a dark and funky mix.


Cvalda (Mist CN)

Cvalda,电子音乐玩家。06年与DJ Lee在成都创立了传奇地下俱乐部Underground以及Age of Red电子音乐网站。任派对策划及网站负责人。09年开始音乐制作并加入明堂唱片,同年开始涉猎电影、电视、视频配乐创作,音乐类型涉及Ambient、Drum&Bass、Trip-Hop、Hip-Hop、World Music等。2010年参加北京文化遗产保护中心阿尔羌文化保护项目,为纪录片《阿尔档案》配乐。2013年为柏林影展投资独立电影《天井镇》配乐。

2010年她开始成为一位Drum&Bass DJ,并很快成为中国西南唯一的,每次出现都令人兴奋不已的Drum&Bass女DJ,她带着独特的混合风格和包含Drum&Bass、Bass、Dub、Jungle、Reggae等的音乐趣味游遍全国。曾合作的团体/音乐节包括:成都的Disco Death、Dojo、Xiong Mao、Chengdu Music、热波音乐节、草莓音乐节,北京的Do Hits、The Drop,上海的123音乐节,香港的HeavyHK、Bass Music China,以及其他全国各地的地下低音派对。同时,作为支持嘉宾,她还曾和多位著名音乐人同台演出,包括DJShadow、DJ Marky、Jojo Mayer、U Brown、Nanci&Phoebe ft.DJ Snuff、Dub Phizix & Strategy、Arkaik、RoyGreen、Jubei&SP:MC等等。

自2014年开始,Cvalda发掘了自己的全新风格并开始了广受好评的名为“Drug n Bass Sessions”的演出,同时推出了同名Studio Set,在170bpm Bass与Deep/Dark/Minimal Drum&Bass之间不断努力探索新的可能性。


Cvalda loves electronic music and underground parties. In 2006, she and her best friend DJ Lee founded club Underground and music website AgeofRed which are the beginning of Chengdu’s underground party scene. In 2009, she began to produce music and soon got a well way on it. She joined local music label Mintelec Record, started publishing ambient, abstract hip-hop, jungle, drum’n’bass music in digital. Also she worked with artists like Miao Jing (Hibanana), documentary director Gao Wei, produced music for media art and movies.

She became a bass music DJ mostly a drum’n’bass DJ in 2010. She played dark way jungle and drum’n’bass with dubstep,reggae,dub,grime,or anything she liked. And her intelligence surprised this dance floor immediately. Soon, as a DJ, she invited by party labels/festivals like Xiong Mao, Disco Death, Chengdu Music, Dojo, Do Hits(Beijing), The Drop(Beijing), Zebra Festival, Strawberry Festival,123 festival(Shanghai), Heavy (HK), BassMusicChina(HK), and shared stage with big-names like DJ Shadow, DJ Marky, Jojo Mayer, U Brown, Nanci&Phoebe, DJ Snuff, Dub Phizix & Strategy, Jubei&SP:MC, Arkaik, RoyGreen etc.

By 2014,Cvalda found her new style in Djing, she called it “drug n bass”. She started performances and studio sets called “Drug n Bass Sessions”, trying to find out all the possibilities between 170bpm bass and deep/dark/minimal drum’n’bass.

By late 2014,Cvalda founded underground bass music label “Mist”,started to promote underground bass/drum&bass music in China.




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