HEAVY HK turns 11 years old!

Date : 3rd Feb 2017 Friday
Time : 22:00 – 4:00
Price : HKD 110 before 11 / HKD 150 before 12 / HKD 180 After 12
Guest : Jstar (Nice Up, UK)
Lineup : Mousefx, Hidden Dragon aka Chong Long, Rayshizzle, Leksss, Alex Croft, Chakka C, Blood Dunza

英國製作人 Jstar 同 Mousfex aka 阿鼠 合作的”俾啲反應” 單曲及MV得到很多朋友的共同合作和努力下, 從在倫敦友人的視頻見証了香港廣東話雷鬼歌曲在英國 Reggae Roast 聲音系統放的片段真係百般滋味在心頭.

穿越了幾十年的時空, 中國人(大陪份來自廣東) 在1960開始在牙買加雷鬼音樂中所擔擋的重要角色到今日香港土生土長的歌手阿鼠再次經過英國推到全世界 Stand to Order唱片中除了阿鼠外還包括雷鬼Sizzla , Ranking Joe, Soom T 等巨星. 2017年, Jstar來到香港同阿鼠唱幾首歌, 2月3日香港! 一齊比啲反應!



Jstar過去14年做了過百首的remix, 他說因為無錢去有大量Dubplate,所以總要找過辨法去處理自己在聲音系統界的生存之道. 他的獨特版本得到 David Rodigan, Norman Jay, John Peel, Grandmaster Flash, Don Letts, 等人大力支持.. 包括:

*Diplo說 “Jstar是原裝的大哥,一位早期的DJ幫助Major Lazer的發展.”
*Massive Attack的Daddy G說 “一個舞會中總會有一個Jstar的時刻.”
*Portishead的DJ Andy Smith說 “他碰過的作品每次都好得.”




Chances are, you’ve heard of Jstar, or one of the hundreds of remixes he’s produced for over the last 14 years.

An esteemed reggae and dub figure hailing from London, Jstar’s substantial body of work as a DJ, remixer and producer has been widely acclaimed by the likes of David Rodigan, Norman Jay, John Peel, Grandmaster Flash and Don Letts.

“Jstar is an original don. Early Dj that helped inspire the Major Lazer crew! Bad man!” Diplo (Major Lazer)
“… always good to have a J-Star moment … like it.” Daddy G (Massive Attack)
“..the Jstar touch works for me everytime!’ DJ Andy Smith (Portishead)

Most recently, acclaimed albums such as Stand To Order and Dub To Order have propelled his unique, forward-thinking sound into a wider international spotlight. Meanwhile, hits like his militant dub single ‘Holy Rastafari’, ‘Inna Zion’ (featuring Alpha Steppa’s Linval Thomson) and ‘Urban Mystic’ have remained selector favourites in clubs and on radio.

In the past, Jstar has also been lauded for his deep catalogue of reggae, dancehall and hip-hop remixes for the likes of Blackstreet, Gang Starr and Busta Rhymes.