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Absolutely Awesome August

“AAA” could be likened to a gold medal at events and festivals (Read: Access All Areas). Not only do you get a chance at shorter toilet queues, you just might get some free beers… Continue reading




Ecstatic Bass Macau (樂極生Bass) presents DJ WASH + BLOODDUNZA

7 FEBRUARY 2014 / Saturday Ecstatic Bass is gonna bring you a Junglists’ night with the two largest DNB lions from Hong Kong! 樂極生Bass搵黎香港 / 亞洲 DRUM N BASS最惡最好揪的DJ / 製作人 DJ WASH同BLOODDUNZA+埋澳門Junglist大師DJ ZUJU同你玩轉大年初八!!!… Continue reading

Heavy Presents: Prince Fatty ft. Horseman – Legendary UK Dub Reggae

CHAMPIONS OF UK DUB REGGAE INNA HONG KONG CITY 21 DECEMBER 2013 SATURDAY @ XXX GALLERY SAI WAN * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *… Continue reading

“RACK UP” by Wash ft. Brad Pitch *Free DL*

If you haven’t already heard, Wash of Kongkrete Bass have been racking up thousands of views as of few weeks ago. Do yourself a favour and check out this free download and the… Continue reading

Heavy presents DJ ZUJU [Macau]

Heavy Presents: Dj Zuju (Macau)  A Night of Proper Drum and Bass  99年Zuju開始在澳門放DnB 是第一代澳門Dj把低音帶到當地. 之後他的樂隊 “Doctor” 樂隊成員包括 Saiyan , Loboo 在澳發行大碟”OD” 定下他們成為澳門電音經典的原因. Dj Zuju 在08年左右以Dubstep 型式在Kongkast 中亮相. 今次HEAVY在數年後再請到Dj Zuju 和大家DnB一吓. Finding his way… Continue reading

Heavy Presents: Joe Nice [DubWarNYC/Subfm]

Heavy Presents : America’s Dubstep Ambassador JOE NICE [ ✈ BALTIMORE USA ] (DubWar NYC, Gourmetbeats, SUB FM, Reconstrvct) Dubstep (None of that Brostep Shit) 在2002年在美國開始推這Dubstep聲音. Joe Nice是全球公認美國Dubstep中的總統级Dj.現埸魅力和壓倒性的技術一見難忘. 在美國小數得到英國和世界各地大量Dubplates的Dj. 創辨北美洲第一個 Dubstep電台節目”Gourment Beats” 和最大型Dubstep… Continue reading

Artist Profile: SABRE

With big guns like Critical Music, Shogun Audio, Renegade Hardware, Metalheadz.. we’re surely in for a big night, HEAVY style. “Sabre is definitely one of the heavyweights of the dnb scene, his production… Continue reading

Heavy presents SABRE [Critical/Metalheadz/Shogun]

HERE’S ONE FOR THE DRUM N BASS HEADS IN HONG KONG Heavy Proudly Presents : S A B R E (Critical/Metalheadz/ShogunAudio/Bassbin) “His album…outstanding. One of the most prolific producers, what this scene needs.” Goldie… Continue reading

Heavy x True Skool Jointly Present: iLLBiLLY HiTEC feat. MC LONGFINGAH [Berlin,GER]

Jumping off first this weekend, we have iLLBiLLY HiTEC feat. MC Longfingah hailing from Berlin Germany with their unique blend of fresh bass driven high energy reggae electronic sounds. With this stop in… Continue reading

Dub Temple Records X Robox Neo Tech X Heavy

30th Nov Friday 2012 十一月三十曰 澳洲廠牌Dub Temple Records的主䐉Science Project 首次到港. 本地Electronica/Hip Hop 音樂人Rebearth會為我們帶來他2012年的新作. 加上伯林鬼材doshy的地位一度飆昇在英國著名電音廠牌Planet Mu,荷蘭一線低音廠牌Rwina和Lowriders. 其作品被大名鼎鼎的電音博客如BBC 1 Radio, Ninja Tunes, Low End Theory等多次播放,也受國際一線DJ如Q-bert, D-styles, GaslampKiller等等青睞。 希望見到大家 Dub Temple Records is a Brisbane-based independent… Continue reading