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A Reggae Encounter Waiting 60 Years To Fulfil.. 

From the first generation of Chinese migrants crossing the globe for Jamaica, Leslie Kong of Beverley Records has planted a deep seed in Reggae music history. From Bob Marley’s first studio session to… Continue reading


  Homecoming Tour 2018 RECAP COMING SOON! STAY TUNED… Joined by JAHWAHZOO in Chengdu and Hong Kong Big Respect to all who came, near and far. Beijing, Kunming, Dali, Guiyang, Guilin, Guangzhou, Chengdu,… Continue reading

UmmU presents Asian Reggae Sistas China Tour

[2017/03/24-26] 亚洲雷鬼姐妹花 | REGGAE SISTAS China Tour ’17 <Beijing.Kunming.Chengdu> Gathering of Asia’s fantastic femmes in Reggae To bring the Sunshine and island Irie vibes Outta Jamaica and into your Give Thanks and Praise… Continue reading

[16-18DEC] KURANAKA aka 1945 tours with Heavy HK

Heavy HK Soundsystem X “KURANAKA aka 1945” Japan’s pioneering specialist in Jungle and UK Dub for over two decades, will be debuting in China in December 2016. Featuring the finest artistes in the… Continue reading


[ 21 APRIL – 1 MAY 2016 ] WATCH OUT CHINA! 21 April | Kunming | DT Bar 22 April | Anning 23 April | Kunming | Camel 24 April | Chengdu |… Continue reading

≯Mist x Heavy: Homemade Weapons ‘Clarion Call’ 2016 China Tour

≯Mist x Heavy presents Homemade Weapons ‘Clarion Call’ 2016 China Tour – HongKong @ Focal Fair 跳舞音乐的追随者们已经注意到一个新的试验性的声音正在鼓打贝斯领域蓬勃发展。经典的丛林乐节拍已渐渐让位给更加极简、精致和具有Dub灵感的声音。尽管大量的年轻制作人们如雨后春笋般在全球各个角落浮出水面,但却没有人比来自美国的Homemade Weapons更加开拓。 Followers of the dance music scene will have noticed a new and experimental sound evolving… Continue reading

Heavy presents U Brown China Tour 2015

  U BROWN IS IN TOWN! More details to come, stay tuned!

Dub Phizix & Strategy China Tour 2015

  Heavy x Synthetik x Mischief x Mist x Vervo x Deep Mountain Hong Kong . Kunming . Chengdu Rounding off the celebratory month of Heavy Hongkong’s 9th anniversary, comes the epic duo… Continue reading

Chengdu x Mist: HARIKIRI [Different/UK]

  Mist#6 低音怪侠Harikiri @ HereWeGo Chengdu 来自伦敦,与Howie Lee亦师亦友的低音怪杰制作人Harikiri即将来到成都,与本地老牌DJ Three,人气女低音女Luna+茶水小妹Cvalda一起给你带来一场低音怪怪之夜。另外VJ L3 Visuals继续主场为你搞花招。 海报原创素材 illustracted by Hibanana 海报设计 design by 2G3 @HereWeGo ADD: Building 3 A2103-2104 Poly Center,No.1 Jinxiu Road,Chengdu /成都市锦绣路1号保利中心3栋A座2103-2104 Ticket:Adv30/Door40rmb Music Style: Trap… Continue reading

Heavy 9th Anniversary Tour with Nanci & Phoebe + DJ Snuff

Big things are coming our way! Kicking off our birthday month with Jungle’s royal family members, Nanci and Phoebe + DJ Snuff. First ladies of Jungle revolution is here to kick things up!… Continue reading

HEAVY 8th Anniversary w/ Tippa Irie + JB Baker

Heavy HK Soundsystem Eight Birthday Celebratory China Tour with TIPPA IRIE & Selector J.B. BAKER Growing from little gatherings at hole-in-the-wall venues to multi-stage festivals and many more fantastic memories, Heavy HK’s flag is… Continue reading

We Go Forward 新年低音派对

If you’re looking for things beyond +852 region, here’s where things are to kick off 2014 with some banging bass! Our delightful friends in Chengdu China, have something special in store. Back home… Continue reading