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來自荷蘭的Fre4knc是近年火速突破的制作人,作品在指標廠牌如 Critical, Samurai 和荷蘭同胞Noisia 的 Invisible 出版. 得到全球 DnB 迷關注. 當晚為大家带 Raw 到爆的 Tech DnB 不要錯過!!! A true DJ at heart with many years of experience, Dutch DJ/producer Fre4knc (pronounced “frequency”) has been… Continue reading

Dub Phizix & Strategy China Tour 2015

  Heavy x Synthetik x Mischief x Mist x Vervo x Deep Mountain Hong Kong . Kunming . Chengdu Rounding off the celebratory month of Heavy Hongkong’s 9th anniversary, comes the epic duo… Continue reading

Magnetic Soul presents Outlook Festival Launch Party ft ENEI

  香港Drum n’ Bass 團體 Magnetic Soul 今年再次與全球最大型的低音音樂節 OUTLOOK FESTIVAL 合作, 於6月8日舉辦 OUTLOOK Festival 2013 Hong Kong Launch Party! 今年的Hong Kong Launch Party 的Headline DJ 有 dnb 偏峰廠牌 Critical Sound 的 第一猛將 ENEI.… Continue reading