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A Reggae Encounter Waiting 60 Years To Fulfil.. 

From the first generation of Chinese migrants crossing the globe for Jamaica, Leslie Kong of Beverley Records has planted a deep seed in Reggae music history. From Bob Marley’s first studio session to… Continue reading


  Homecoming Tour 2018 RECAP COMING SOON! STAY TUNED… Joined by JAHWAHZOO in Chengdu and Hong Kong Big Respect to all who came, near and far. Beijing, Kunming, Dali, Guiyang, Guilin, Guangzhou, Chengdu,… Continue reading

[3-12NOV] PAPA U-Gee x HEAVY HK inna CHINA

PAPA U-Gee China Tour 2016 With Selekta BLOODDUNZA [Heavy HK] Alongside Selekta CHAKKA C [UmmU] more info to come.. stay tuned!

Absolutely Awesome August

“AAA” could be likened to a gold medal at events and festivals (Read: Access All Areas). Not only do you get a chance at shorter toilet queues, you just might get some free beers… Continue reading