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Thank You Sub Zero!

  BIG RESPECT AND SHOUTS TO SUB ZERO! Thank you to everyone who came out for it. More to come.. Advertisements

Heavy presents DJ FU [Freerange/UK]

DJ FU @ HEAVY HK – D&B History Set (1998 – 2002) feat. MC R VEE (2 HOURS) **HEAVY SOUNDSYSTEM FOR EXTRA BASS WEIGHT** Having been absent from Hong Kong for the last… Continue reading

Heavy -TAKES OVER- Volt [Juke/Footwork/Jungle/DnB]

Heavy takes their sound system to Volt ! you know the system won’t blow in the middle of the night. HEADLINERS * * * * * * * * * * * *… Continue reading

15 June // Joe Syntax @ Love Da

Heavy presents a Night of Proper Drum n’ Bass with Joe Syntax (Med School / Hospital Records) Support Line Up : Jcc / Mr. Lloyd / Pari Kishi / Phaeton / Blood Dunza… Continue reading

Heavy presents DJ ZUJU [Macau]

Heavy Presents: Dj Zuju (Macau)  A Night of Proper Drum and Bass  99年Zuju開始在澳門放DnB 是第一代澳門Dj把低音帶到當地. 之後他的樂隊 “Doctor” 樂隊成員包括 Saiyan , Loboo 在澳發行大碟”OD” 定下他們成為澳門電音經典的原因. Dj Zuju 在08年左右以Dubstep 型式在Kongkast 中亮相. 今次HEAVY在數年後再請到Dj Zuju 和大家DnB一吓. Finding his way… Continue reading

Heavy presents SABRE [Critical/Metalheadz/Shogun]

HERE’S ONE FOR THE DRUM N BASS HEADS IN HONG KONG Heavy Proudly Presents : S A B R E (Critical/Metalheadz/ShogunAudio/Bassbin) “His album…outstanding. One of the most prolific producers, what this scene needs.” Goldie… Continue reading

Heavy Hongkong presents DJ DRAGON [Dubway/Homebass,Thailand]

1997年Dragon開始他的低音工程,首位泰國DnB代表人物,泰國最巨型舞會和電台FAT Radio 104.5的電音節目. 過去十幾年在大氣電波和舞會中為泰國國民带來美味的低音,直到今日最巨型Dubstep舞會Dubway. Dj Dragon的低音只有更細膩的技術,更成熟的味道和更深層的體會. HEAVY有幸在Dragon日本巡迴後請到香港打1set DnB . 十一月九日 星期五 XXX 見 Born in Bangkok Thailand in 1976 Dragon was raised in a family of artists and musicians. As a child he… Continue reading

Heavy Hongkong presents JCC [Chaos/Guangzhou]

JCC被公認為華南的第一位女性 Drum&Bass DJ,她獨特的音樂風格和個人魅力令她在進入電子音樂屆僅三年時間就頗受歡迎和好評。這個被各媒體稱做最有前途的電音女 DJ 目前活躍於廣州以及其他城市的各大舞台,並與著名美國MC Savant和圖像製作人Alex So成立組合 ‘Trilithium’ ,現主要策劃自己「ChAos 嘈!」的 Drum&Bass 音樂派對,並要繼續向樂迷們證明她的音樂一定會震撼大家的聽覺! 剛到了德國柏林與一曲Get Busy 走紅的Fracture同台現出,广洲低音狂女子JCC再來到HEAVY JCC is publicly recognised as the first Chinese Female Drum n’ Bass DJ. Her unique musical style and… Continue reading

Asia Debut: Dub Phizix (Manchester, UK)

HEAVY 2012 年最期待的一晚 ! MOST ANTICIPATED DEBUT IN ASIA THIS AUGUST! We are flying in DUB PHIZIX (Exit, Soul:R, Critical UK)! Once again, Heavy massive brings you another quality act! 前經典 DnB 组合… Continue reading