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17 SEP: Heavy presents TRAUMA UNIT (Formation Records)

This Thursday ! DnB with artist of DJ SS’s Formation Records UK based Trauma Unit was formed in 2015 by George and Julio, two best mates with a flaming passion for Drum &… Continue reading

Heavy x Synthetick x Mischief presents ULTERIOR MOTIVE [Metalheadz]

    A night of “Drum and Bass” in the underground Spanish restaurant and bar on Wyndham street: Zafran! Ulterior Motive are at the top of their game in 2015. The debut album… Continue reading

Heavy X Synthetik X Mischief: Dub Phizix + Strategy MC

A night of live Street Art, Hip hop and Drum and Bass in the underground Spanish restaurant and bar on Wyndham street: Zafran! Dub Phzix and Strategy…… Dub Phizix Soul:R / Exit Records… Continue reading

Heavy presents DJ FU [Freerange/UK]

DJ FU @ HEAVY HK – D&B History Set (1998 – 2002) feat. MC R VEE (2 HOURS) **HEAVY SOUNDSYSTEM FOR EXTRA BASS WEIGHT** Having been absent from Hong Kong for the last… Continue reading


      F R I D A Y: F E B: 1 4 T H: 2 0 1 4 Frequency同HEAVY HK首次聯手為大家帶來英國著名DnB廠牌Metalheadz近期的猛將 – Jubei(U.K) Prepare yourselves for a night of rolling Drum &… Continue reading

Heavy -TAKES OVER- Volt [Juke/Footwork/Jungle/DnB]

Heavy takes their sound system to Volt ! you know the system won’t blow in the middle of the night. HEADLINERS * * * * * * * * * * * *… Continue reading

HEAVY returns to IVAN THE KOZAK (Dub/Reggae/Jungle)

    After 3 years finally we are moving the SoundSystem into Ivan The Kozak once again. Come and feel the bass up to your chest ! Ivan’s wife is away ! Time… Continue reading

15 June // Joe Syntax @ Love Da

Heavy presents a Night of Proper Drum n’ Bass with Joe Syntax (Med School / Hospital Records) Support Line Up : Jcc / Mr. Lloyd / Pari Kishi / Phaeton / Blood Dunza… Continue reading

Heavy presents Wayz [UK] // updated

HEAVY presents Wayz [SteamRecording/DogsOnAcid,UK] 在倫敦出生的DnB/Dubstep制作人Wayz. 08年他的單曲BEYOND得到DJ Fresh 的賞識在Dog On Acid發行,曲中的Sample來自香港樂隊BEYOND一曲”大地”. Wayz的歌曲受到DJ Fresh, Adam F, Annie Mac, Mace, and Nerm.Wayz等大名DJ力推.曾經在倫敦Camden Palace, SW1, Leisure Lounge, The End等夜店演出.Knowledge Magazine, 1xtra, Radio 1提到WAYZ的名子.近年Wayz和他制作拍擋Sidius成立了Steam Recordings發行他們的高能量舞池DNB音樂. Wayz was first… Continue reading

Heavy presents TARQEEB [Mumbai/India]

Heavy is bringing their system for A night Out in a new warehouse space in Kwai Hing . We Keep that Raw Ting Alive . Guest Dj: Tarqeeb He recently shared deck Duties… Continue reading

Heavy presents DJ ZUJU [Macau]

Heavy Presents: Dj Zuju (Macau)  A Night of Proper Drum and Bass  99年Zuju開始在澳門放DnB 是第一代澳門Dj把低音帶到當地. 之後他的樂隊 “Doctor” 樂隊成員包括 Saiyan , Loboo 在澳發行大碟”OD” 定下他們成為澳門電音經典的原因. Dj Zuju 在08年左右以Dubstep 型式在Kongkast 中亮相. 今次HEAVY在數年後再請到Dj Zuju 和大家DnB一吓. Finding his way… Continue reading