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Dub Temple Records X Robox Neo Tech X Heavy

30th Nov Friday 2012 十一月三十曰 澳洲廠牌Dub Temple Records的主䐉Science Project 首次到港. 本地Electronica/Hip Hop 音樂人Rebearth會為我們帶來他2012年的新作. 加上伯林鬼材doshy的地位一度飆昇在英國著名電音廠牌Planet Mu,荷蘭一線低音廠牌Rwina和Lowriders. 其作品被大名鼎鼎的電音博客如BBC 1 Radio, Ninja Tunes, Low End Theory等多次播放,也受國際一線DJ如Q-bert, D-styles, GaslampKiller等等青睞。 希望見到大家 Dub Temple Records is a Brisbane-based independent… Continue reading

Heavy Hongkong presents JCC [Chaos/Guangzhou]

JCC被公認為華南的第一位女性 Drum&Bass DJ,她獨特的音樂風格和個人魅力令她在進入電子音樂屆僅三年時間就頗受歡迎和好評。這個被各媒體稱做最有前途的電音女 DJ 目前活躍於廣州以及其他城市的各大舞台,並與著名美國MC Savant和圖像製作人Alex So成立組合 ‘Trilithium’ ,現主要策劃自己「ChAos 嘈!」的 Drum&Bass 音樂派對,並要繼續向樂迷們證明她的音樂一定會震撼大家的聽覺! 剛到了德國柏林與一曲Get Busy 走紅的Fracture同台現出,广洲低音狂女子JCC再來到HEAVY JCC is publicly recognised as the first Chinese Female Drum n’ Bass DJ. Her unique musical style and… Continue reading

Asia Debut: Dub Phizix (Manchester, UK)

HEAVY 2012 年最期待的一晚 ! MOST ANTICIPATED DEBUT IN ASIA THIS AUGUST! We are flying in DUB PHIZIX (Exit, Soul:R, Critical UK)! Once again, Heavy massive brings you another quality act! 前經典 DnB 组合… Continue reading

Bay Beat Collective (Mumbai, India)

The Mumbai-based BBC (Bay Beat Collective) comprising of Kris Correya, Sohail Arora and Raffael Kably, was formed in response to the abundance of standard-issue electronica so often churned out in clubs and bars across… Continue reading

Outlook Festival Official Launch Party in Hong Kong

  This Saturday, “The Mighty Dispatch”: Ant TC1 returns to Hong Kong. The sound of Dispatch has changed so much along the way with signings like: Need for Mirrors, Silent Witness, Dub Phizix,… Continue reading

Artist Feature: TES LA ROK [Dub Police, Noppa, Soul Jazz, Argon, Swamp81 / FIN]

All the way from the darker side of this planet, we have the Don of Finnish Dubstep TES LA ROK from Helsinki, Finland to keep the floors shaking this April. Tes La Rok… Continue reading

Magnetic Soul presents Outlook Festival Official Pre-Launch Party Hong Kong

OUTLOOK音樂節是被譽為現時世界上最佳的低音音樂節, 最新鮮革新音樂節. 而整個音樂節是起沿於對低音文化之熱愛. OUTLOOK結集了DUB, DUBSTEP, DANCEHALL, DRUM & BASS, HIP HOP, GRIME, GARAGE 等低音及音響文化最頂尖的好手 於克羅地亞海邊一個荒廢的十九世紀堡壘 一個失落世界中四天 日光 沙灘 低音 派對 原始的獨特經驗 你將在海邊的古堡中派對, OUTLOOK專為Reggae, Dub, Dubstep, Drum & Bass, Hip Hop 而設計的特殊音響系統將令你更能享受你喜愛的音樂. 大型的場地分為不同部份, 包括庭院,… Continue reading

Heavy presents: Don of Finland’s Dubstep, TES LA ROK

Tes La Rok (Dub Police / Noppa / Swamp 81) Helsinki, Finland Tes La Rok is without a doubt one of the top dubstep producers and DJs in the scene today, with a… Continue reading

Artiste Feature: V.I.V.E.K [Deep Medi Musik/UK]

“Today’s electronic music scene revolves continuously on hype, and there are few artists and label camps that can rely almost entirely on their musical content to do their talking. Mala’s ‘Deep Medi’ camp… Continue reading

Heavy Hong Kong: MEDIA PAGE

Check out our MEDIA page and visit it often! Find fresh releases from the Heavy crew, free downloads, videos and more. One of the videos we’ve gathered is from (yet another) big night,… Continue reading

Heavy Presents : Top 10 Producer of 2012 – V.I.V.E.K (Deep Medi Musik, UK)

Heavy 6th Anniversary Special – V.I.V.E.K (Deep Medi Musik, UK) Dubstep Forum Award 2012 —————————————— Best Label No.1 – Deep Medi Musik Best Producer No.8 – V.I.V.E.K —————————————– 傳奇廠牌Deep Medi的印度新星 V.I.V.E.K – 2012年”Dubstep… Continue reading

Heavy Presents : Asian’s Bass Heavy Weight – JASE (The Beats Saigon)

  Heavy Presents : DJ JASE (The Beats Saigon, Vietnam) T’was a great year for Asian HEAVY Weight Bass DJ Jase. In 2011 he rounded up a successful Europe tour and participated in… Continue reading