Heavy x Synthetick x Mischief presents ULTERIOR MOTIVE [Metalheadz]

    A night of “Drum and Bass” in the underground Spanish restaurant and bar on Wyndham street: Zafran! Ulterior Motive are at the top of their game in 2015. The debut album… Continue reading

S/O Timeout and Cojie

Special shoutouts to Anderson Muth aka The Groove Thief and Time Out HK for a feature of COJIE from Mighty Crown. Big Ups! Have a good read before this FRIDAY!!! Event Link: Article… Continue reading

Artist Profile: COJIE / Mighty Crown

Aside those lengthy and weighty titles, let’s have a closer look at the champions and what or how they became champions! … … … PRINCE TUFFIE brings about a wicked wicked solid wicked… Continue reading

HEAVY x COJIE [Mighty Crown] “The Far East Rulaz” & World Soundclash Champion

                        HEAVY HK 今次請來日本+全球Soundclash王者 “Mighty Crown” 成員 Cojie. 他以 Roots, Dub, Stepper 風格見稱在 Mighty Crown 代表着 Roots and Culture 雷鬼風. COJIE of… Continue reading

Heavy HK with Papa U-Gee in South China

  Moving mountains and breaking grounds, we’re bout to embark on the Zion Train with PAPA U-Gee going through the hills of China. Very blessed to make this tour possible. Big Ups to… Continue reading

Dub Phizix & Strategy China Tour 2015

  Heavy x Synthetik x Mischief x Mist x Vervo x Deep Mountain Hong Kong . Kunming . Chengdu Rounding off the celebratory month of Heavy Hongkong’s 9th anniversary, comes the epic duo… Continue reading

Chengdu x Mist: HARIKIRI [Different/UK]

  Mist#6 低音怪侠Harikiri @ HereWeGo Chengdu 来自伦敦,与Howie Lee亦师亦友的低音怪杰制作人Harikiri即将来到成都,与本地老牌DJ Three,人气女低音女Luna+茶水小妹Cvalda一起给你带来一场低音怪怪之夜。另外VJ L3 Visuals继续主场为你搞花招。 海报原创素材 illustracted by Hibanana 海报设计 design by 2G3 @HereWeGo ADD: Building 3 A2103-2104 Poly Center,No.1 Jinxiu Road,Chengdu /成都市锦绣路1号保利中心3栋A座2103-2104 Ticket:Adv30/Door40rmb Music Style: Trap… Continue reading

Heavy X Synthetik X Mischief: Dub Phizix + Strategy MC

A night of live Street Art, Hip hop and Drum and Bass in the underground Spanish restaurant and bar on Wyndham street: Zafran! Dub Phzix and Strategy…… Dub Phizix Soul:R / Exit Records… Continue reading

THU / 07MARCH: HEAVY 9th Anniversary Tour Kick Off

Part One of our celebratory hoohas for our NINTH ANNIVERSARY! Thank you to everyone, big ups for being part of this!! See you tomorrow night at XXX Gallery.. Watch this space for more.… Continue reading

5 MARCH 2015 / HKG: Nanci and Phoebe ft. DJ Snuff

Heavy Hong Kong Ninth Anniversary Tour 5 March 2015 / Hong Kong / XXX Gallery 6 March 2015 / Shanghai / The Shelter 7 March 2015 / Beijing / DADA 8 March 2015… Continue reading

Heavy 9th Anniversary Tour with Nanci & Phoebe + DJ Snuff

Big things are coming our way! Kicking off our birthday month with Jungle’s royal family members, Nanci and Phoebe + DJ Snuff. First ladies of Jungle revolution is here to kick things up!… Continue reading