THU / 07MARCH: HEAVY 9th Anniversary Tour Kick Off

Part One of our celebratory hoohas for our NINTH ANNIVERSARY! Thank you to everyone, big ups for being part of this!! See you tomorrow night at XXX Gallery.. Watch this space for more.… Continue reading

5 MARCH 2015 / HKG: Nanci and Phoebe ft. DJ Snuff

Heavy Hong Kong Ninth Anniversary Tour 5 March 2015 / Hong Kong / XXX Gallery 6 March 2015 / Shanghai / The Shelter 7 March 2015 / Beijing / DADA 8 March 2015… Continue reading

Heavy 9th Anniversary Tour with Nanci & Phoebe + DJ Snuff

Big things are coming our way! Kicking off our birthday month with Jungle’s royal family members, Nanci and Phoebe + DJ Snuff. First ladies of Jungle revolution is here to kick things up!… Continue reading

Tippa Irie China Tour 2015 with Blood Dunza

    Beijing 30Jan Friday YuGongYiShan Livehouse 北京 1月30日 星期五 愚公移山Livehouse Hangzhou 31Jan Saturday 9-Club 杭州 1月31日 星期六 酒球会 Wenzhou 1Feb Sunday Nana Bar 温州 2月1日 星期日 Nana酒吧 Yixing 3Feb Tuesday Dreams Livehouse… Continue reading

Heavy presents Sound of Beijing’s Jungle Music with Blackie (Syndicate/PEK)

  17th January 2015 / Saturday  Sound of Beijing’s Jungle Music !!! Blackie (Syndicate) 4 Times Best Dj in Beijing + Ekki (The Collectiv/Shenzhen) Local Support: Saiyan, Pheaton, MC R-Vee, Blood Dunza XXX… Continue reading

NYE Guangzhou Styles with The Legendary Sly & Robbie and the Taxi Gang 1st Time in China

NYE Welcome 2015 Home of the China’s greatest Dub Reggae Bands in the last decade! Guangzhou Dubrising Style Internatonal!!! HEAVY HONG KONG’s Blood Dunza alongside China’s Dub Master Jiang Liang, Japan’s Top RankingPAPA… Continue reading


For the fattest sound in Asia, look no further. Providing solutions for all budgets, ideas and locations. With a team of professional engineers, audio/video production, post production and mastering services are available. Beach… Continue reading

Brother Culture, 上海Far East Lion , 香港HEAVY的Dubplate單曲 :Zion發怖㑹 XXX

11月21日星期五 上年嚟過概””Jado””今年代表着中國Ragga-Muffin成為北京红牛Bass Camp的成員.横掃當地夜店和音乐節包括上海House of Van, JZ Festival等. “”Rasrankin””係貴陽推廣黑人節奏. 當地有機音樂廣播一直深受貧民窟, Hip-Hop和Rocksteady風格影响,當晚佢會同J-Hoon合作幾首Hip-Hop歌. 加上老柏檔客串 Rebearth + Hope One 阿鼠+ Blood Dunza We are flying in 2 mainlanders to set FIRE in the XXX dancefloor Original Shanghai… Continue reading

The Original Rasta MC Brother Culture (Brixton,UK) 8 Stops China Tour

好歌停不了 Original Rasta MC Brother Culture Hailing from London, comes BROTHER CULTURE The Original Rasta MC outta legendary Brixton town. Full of roots and vibes, Brother Culture has been holding the fort at… Continue reading


// Post by Douglas Paine.  Special shout out to Hong Kong and all of you, Heavy HK Crew! * NUH MISS OUT TOMORROW NIGHT *

Mungo’s Hi Fi & Charlie P 17/10 Fri @ HEAVY

Inna Serious Time 17th Oct Friday 2014 Mungo’s Hi Fi Hailing from Scotland, Mungo’s Hi Fi are championing the modern evolution of reggae, dub and dancehall music while also re-invigorating soundsystem culture. They… Continue reading

11th Oct 2014 Sat Good Vibes Mainlanders Take Over !

10月11日星期六大陸仔One Love XXX 上年嚟過概””Jado””今年代表着中國Ragga-Muffin成為北京红牛Bass Camp的成員. 今年帶埋””遠東之師 Far East Lion””的另外一成員來自沖繩的Selecta “”Shohei””佢風格係Dancehall和Ragga Jungle. “”Shohei””高興時會攞Mic同””Jado””一齊唱.佢地兩人横掃當地夜店和音乐節包括上海House of Van, JZ Festival等. “”Rasrankin””係貴陽推廣黑人節奏當地的傳奇人物.貴洲係內地最窮的省份,在當地的Party99%係本地人. 有機音樂廣播一直深受貧民窟, Hip-Hop和Rocksteady風格影响,當晚佢會同J-Hoon合作幾首Hip-Hop歌. 來自肯亞的Rayshizzle 會為當晚暖埸加上Blood Dunza同阿鼠做一set廣東話聲音系统之後同Shohei一齊Ragga Jungle. 希望你地會嚟撑下!!! We are flying in 3 mainlanders to set FIRE in… Continue reading